Desk Must Haves

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Desk Must Haves

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  • “Do you have a pen?” “Could I borrow your stapler?” 
  • Don’t be that person. Be efficient and organised with our “Desk Must Haves” Kit by Deli.
  • Breeze through work effortlessly with all your desk essentials organised in one place, saving time and improving productivity.

What's Inside the Box ?

  • High quality ps material for a durable use
  • Dual colour design for different office choices
  • 2 compartments for a better desktop organization
  • Partial metallic surface
Deli Yellow Stick Up To Do List
  • Convenient to record and share ideas with others
  • To list notes add creativity to your communication.
  • No. of sheets 100

Deli Exceed Stapler Set
  • Stapler Pin Size: No.10
  • Stapling capacity 15 sheets
  • Low staple indicator
  • Integrated staple remover

Deli Easy Electronic Calculator
  • Blister card packing keeps the calculator safe for longer period of time. Use of high quality Intergrated Chip for longlasting performance
  • With 3 years warranty, we assure the best quality and peace of mind.

Deli Office Pins
  • Round head paper pins are perfect for temporary fastening the papers together.

Deli Correction Pen
  • Correction Pen
  • Steel Tip 4ml
  • Easy Dry

Deli Business Card Holder 7621
  • Easy to use , Easy to carry , Easy To Install
  • Good quality product with lite weight.
  • Computer Accessory

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