Citrus Splash

Citrus Splash

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Spice up your dull and dreary chores with a splash of vibrant orange stationery, that will come in handy throughout the day be it at home, school or office.

What's Inside the Box ?


These pens feature a stylish and transparent body with an anti-slip grip. With DuraBall pen tip, enjoy more stable and comfortable writing, with a quick-drying ink.

Original MRP: 100/-
MRP in the kit: 85/-

Buy this separately: 89/-

Kaco Pure Gel Pens 0.5mm (Pack of 10)

Cute gel pens with quick-drying, vibrant Japanese Mikuni Pigment ink. The ink comes out stably and consistently.

Original MRP: 699/-
MRP in the kit: 594.15/-

Buy this separately: 622.11/-

Solo Pencil Box

The Solo Pencil Box features a sleek design, making it easy to carry. The pull-out drawer feature allows you to see the contents of the box together.

Original MRP: 50/-
MRP in the kit: 42.5/-

Buy this separately: 44.5/-

Hopax Neon Sticky Notes

These sticky notes in vibrant neons are bound to draw your attention. Highly adhesive, this pack of 90 notes can stick to most surfaces.

Original MRP: 75/-
MRP in the kit: 63.75/-

Buy this seperately: 66.75/-

Chaarpai Pouch

Made from waterproof fabric, the Chaarpai Pouch is lightweight yet durable which makes it perfect for carrying messy things like leaky cosmetics, stationery, or other things while traveling.

Original MRP: 550/-
MRP in the kit: 467.5/-

Buy this separately: 473/-

Deli Sticky Pads Neon

These colorful sticky notes are designed in fun, interesting shapes which make your notes more eye-catching. These sticky notes stick firmly to almost any surface and conveniently peel off without leaving a mark.

Original MRP: 70/-
MRP in the kit: 59.5/-

Buy this separately: 59.5/-

Craft Junky Bahi Style Hardbound Diary Journals

Beautifully handcrafted with high-quality full-grain handmade paper. The unique design and the luxurious feel of these diaries also make them ideal for gifting.

Original MRP: 499/-
MRP in the kit: 424.15/-

Buy this separately: 444.11/-

Why is this kit essential?

This kit, being one of the most useful kits, has you covered all in all areas whether school or office. Getting these products at slashed prices is a great deal because it will always come in handy!

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