Clever Efficiency

Clever Efficiency

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Introduce Clever Efficiency to your desk, with this combo of ingenious, unique stationery supplies designed to simplify your tasks. These reliable tools can make your projects easier by saving time and improving productivity, and are small and lightweight for easy portability. 

This Gift-set includes:

  1. Plus Japan Twiggy Pocket scissor Flourine Coated (Non-Stick)
  2. Plus Japan Effortless Stapler
  3. Kaco JUMBO Gel Pen Set 0.5mm (Pop Assorted)

What's Inside the Box ?

Twiggy Pocket scissor Flourine Coated (Non-Stick)

Innovative scissors with fluorine-coated Bernoulli-curved blades, sharp from base to edge, and resistant to rust, scratches, and adhesive residue. Smart handle designed to smoothly even with one hand. Also features a secure smart-locking system for safe usage and portability. Simple & slim shape perfectly fits in a pen case and purse.

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Plus Japan Effortless Stapler

Built for maximum comfort and efficiency, with a power-assist mechanism that reduces stapling effort by 50%. Its compact size ensures easy portability, while the integrated staple remover adds convenience. With a durable and ergonomic design, this desktop stapler provides high-strength binding and an easy press operation, making it a must-have tool for your everyday stapling needs.

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JUMBO Gel Pen Set 0.5mm (POP)

Write uninterrupted with these Jumbo Gel Pens featuring a large ink capacity that lasts up to 1600m, four times more than regular gel pens. Crafted with Japanese Mikuni pigment ink, these pens offer quick drying and vibrant, water-resistant ink that won't fade over time. Ideal for school and office use, they provide a smooth writing experience and long-lasting performance.

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Clever Efficiency - SCOOBOO - -

Why is this kit a perfect gift for your father?

The "Clever Efficiency" combo is a practical and resourceful gift for your father and includes a set of innovative stationery products sure to fascinate him! Gift your father this versatile and high-quality stationery set that reflects his ingenuity and enables him to excel in his projects.

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