Dad's Desk, Decoded

Dad's Desk, Decoded

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The "Dad's Desk, Decoded" combo offers the perfect combination of functionality and style. The Lemo Range and Papercoal Desk Mat join forces for the ultimate work desk. The Lemo Range provides an ergonomic solution for storage and the Papercoal Desk Mat provides superior comfort and cushioning. Upgrade your workspace with this truly practical and stylish setup.

This Gift-set includes:

  1. Kaco Lemo Stapler
  2. Kaco Lemo A4 Tray (x2 Pieces)
  3. Lemo Desk Organiser
  4. Kaco Lemo Tape Dispenser
  5. Papercoal Desk Mat

What's Inside the Box ?

Kaco Lemo Stapler

With a labor-saving structure and design, staple 30+ pages at once. The bottom is designed with a non-slip soft pad making it an extremely desktop-friendly stapler. This sleek and ergonomically designed stapler also features a safety lock to avoid mishaps.

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Kaco Lemo A4 Tray x 2 Pieces

Explore endless storage possibilities with the Kaco Lemo A4 Trays - easily stackable and compatible with other organizers in the Kaco Lemo range, these Lemo Trays are the ultimate storage solution for your desk.

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Lemo Desk Organiser

This innovative organizer by Lemo is a versatile addition to your desk. Declutter your desk with this 3-piece desk organizer, perfect to store your writing implements as well as other stationery knick-knacks. The pure white, sleek design makes this organizer a chic addition to any desk!

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Kaco Lemo Tape Dispenser

A must-have for every desk, this Kaco Lemo tape dispenser is synonymous with convenience with its skid-proof base, compact design, and razor-sharp blade. Designed for one-handed use so you never have to compromise on productivity.

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Papercoal Desk Mat

The ultimate accessory for a modern workplace. Skid and spill-proof, reversible with the added bonus of a sophisticated, chic look, the Papercoal Desk Mat is designed to be a workplace staple.

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Dad's Desk, Decoded - SCOOBOO - -

Why is this kit a perfect gift for your father?

The "Dad's Desk, Decoded" combo includes everything your dad might need to make workday a breeze. With desk essentials designed to keep in mind the modern workplace, these essentials are guaranteed to optimise productivity and keep his desk decluttered.

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