Desk Delights

Desk Delights

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Time for a desk upgrade! Workday's a breeze with these delightful desk essentials - all you need for a productive work day and an organised, aesthetic desk.

This Gift-set includes:

  1. Kaco Tecflow 0.5mm Roller Gel Pen
  2. Deli Essentials Rose Gold Edition Desk Accessories Set
  3. Numic W.S.J. 2.2 Notepad

What's Inside the Box ?

Deli Essentials Rose Gold Edition Desk Accessories Set

Elevate your desk and organise your office with a hint of sophistication with the Deli Essentials Desk Accessories Kit, all you need for a tidy, mess-free desk! The segregated packaging makes for a great display as well as a convenient one, keeping all your desk essentials handy and tidy.

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Numic W.S.J. 2.2 Notepad

A statement piece for your desk that is also functional, this Numic
memo block will help you to stay on top of your game without missing a task. Features 4 drills for pens and eye-catching colors to make sure you don't lose sight of what's important.

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Kaco Tecflow 0.5mm Roller Gel Pen

Introducing Kaco TecFlow - Satisfyingly smooth ink flow at the lightest of touch. Featuring Smart Tip technology, the uniquely designed roller ball tip allows free flowing ink to glide smoothly across the paper for skip-free writing.

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Desk Delights - SCOOBOO - -

Why is this kit a perfect gift for your father?

A token of appreciation for your dad's hard work, the "Desk Delights" combo contains a selection of carefully curated desk essentials that will make his hectic workday easier, and his workplace more organised. Get your father the gift of organisation this Father's Day, with the "Desk Delights" kit!

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