Geometric Genius

Geometric Genius

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All the tools you need to be a geometric genius, in one combo! High-quality, durable, and precise tools to ensure accuracy, always.

What's Inside the Box ?

Zebra Delguard Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm

Eliminate frequent lead breakage with DelGuard’s innovative double spring mechanism, which ensures the lead is secure by protecting the core from all sides. Write vertically or at an angle, without worrying about breakage, and enjoy a precise and comfortable writing experience.

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Tombow Mono Zero Elastomer Eraser 2.3mm

Protect your work and erase only what you need with high-quality, PVC-free precision erasers that will not damage paper. Pen-style body for complete control, and easy storage. Suitable for precision erasing on graphs, charts, architectural drawings, maps & artworks.

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Classmate Victor Geometry Box

Created for greater precision, and a comfortable experience for the user. this geometry box is an essential kit for students who are studying geometry. Each instrument in the Classmate Victor Geometry Box is high quality, lightweight, and designed for a rust-free life. The box also includes a die-casted compass and divider for maximum accuracy and is enabled with a self-centering mechanism.

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Ruma Ruler & Bookmark

A new innovative product that combines a ruler and a bookmark. The clip also makes it easy to pick up the ruler from flat surfaces and prevents it from slipping. Made of lightweight and durable aluminum alloy, with clear, precise laser engravings. Designed with accurate inch and metric measurements with clear, non-confusing gradations etched in readable markings.

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What makes this kit essential for School?

Inside the "Geometric Genius" hamper, you will find a high-quality set of geometry instruments, including essentials like a protractor, compass, ruler, and set squares. These tools are designed to help you create accurate geometric shapes and angles with ease.

Along with the geometry instruments, you will also find a mechanical pencil and precision eraser for drawing precise lines, ensuring that your work is always neat and tidy.

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