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Make A Sequence Board Game | Family Card Game

by Mattel
Rs. 599.00
  • Sequence was invented by Douglas in Owatonna, Minnesota in the 1970s. Mr. Douglas named the game, "Sequence Five"
  • The game is to form rows of five poker chips on the board by placing the chips on the board spaces corresponding to cards played from the player's hand
  • This Sequence game with cards teaches your child about strategy, about how to think logically and act cautiously, how to think three steps ahead, and how to win or lose graciously
  • Not only will the Sequence game for kids help increase your child's brain activity but it can also be a great way to spend time together as a family
  • Game includes 1 Playing Board, 2 Set of Playing Cards, 35 Red Chips, 50 Green Chips, 50 Blue Chips