Of Quills & Memoirs

Of Quills & Memoirs

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"Of Quills & Memoirs" is a blend of timeless sentiment and modern utility. This combo contains 2 contemporary gel pens, designed for flawless writing. With a durable silicon case, ensure your quills stay protected while the Memory notebook makes for a perfect medium to capture your memoirs.

This Gift set include:

  1. Kaco Surface Soft Touch Gel Pen- Black
  2. Kaco Midot Gel Pen- Black
  3. Kaco Memory Notebook
  4. Kaco Pure Silicon Stationary Box

*Colors can vary subject to availability. 

What's Inside the Box ?

Kaco Surface Soft Touch Gel Pen- Black

Combining contemporary design with modern writing technology, this pen features a unique anti-slip clip, and a fine stainless steel nib for a smooth and stable writing experience.

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Kaco Midot Gel Pen- Black

High-quality soft rubber lacquer frosted pen barrel, for a comfortable grip. With a 0.5mm fine nib, control the ink flow with precision and accuracy.

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Kaco Memory Notebook

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and style the waterproof and anti-stain Kaco Memory Notebook. Crafted with high quality materials and complete with an elastic band for easy portability, this A5 size notebook is ideal for office, school, or daily use.

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Kaco Pure Silicon Stationary Box

Crafted from premium silicone, this stationery box offers durability and dust-free protection for your pens. Its sleek, flexible design ensures easy portability. The Kaco Pure Silicon box also comes with a Kaco gel pen, with quick-drying ink for smudge-free, neat writing.

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Why is this the best gift for your sibling?

Built to stand the test of time, the "Timeless Ties" combo mirrors the enduring essence of your relationship with your sibling. Our Jumbo Gel Pen Set, built to last, mirrors the unbreakable bond you share. While the Jumbo Notebook captures your moments, the waterproof Transparent Sticky Notes embody the steadfast nature of your relationship, making sure your ideas leave an indelible mark, making this combo a true tribute to an everlasting bond.

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