Cut out stress, Fasten your Work!

Cut out stress, Fasten your Work!

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Upgrade your stationery collection with our premium combo featuring the precision of Plus Japan Safety Scissors, the sleek functionality of the Kaco Lemo Stapler, and the convenience of the Kokuyo Clip Type Masking Tape Cutter. Elevate your workspace with these essentials, combining style and efficiency for a seamless creative experience.

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    What's Inside the Box ?

    Plus Japan Safety Scissors

    The Plus Japan Safety Scissors are a cutting-edge blend of precision and safety. With their uniquely designed rounded tips and ergonomic handles, these scissors provide a safe and comfortable cutting experience for users of all ages, making them an essential tool for every household and classroom.

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    Kaco Lemo Stapler

    The Lemo Stapler combines convenience and eco-friendliness in a compact design. Ideal for various binding needs, it features a non-slip soft pad at the bottom for stability. Crafted from high-quality materials, including a sturdy hard plastic outer shell and durable stainless steel core, this desktop stapler offers maximum convenience and long-term use. The ergonomic streamline design ensures a labor-saving structure, making stapling a breeze for a well-organized desk.

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    Kokuyo Clip Type Masking Tape Cutter

    The Kokuyo Clip Type Masking Tape Cutter is a game-changer in the world of crafting and organization. With its innovative design, this cutter effortlessly dispenses masking tape, ensuring precise and clean edges every time. Say goodbye to struggling with torn tape and welcome a new level of convenience and accuracy to your creative projects.

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