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FLAT 10 % off on all purchases. Coupon Code - YAY10
FLAT 10 % off on all purchases. Coupon Code - YAY10

Primo Oil Paints

Rs. 900.00
  • Fine oil paint, aluminium tube, 10 colours. This is a pure linseed oil-based product of the finest quality with a high pigment concentration. It does not contain drying oils and solvents.
  • Of historic origins, the oil painting technique is a completely free process and the characteristics of our product are ideal for this purpose.
  • Extremely easy to manipulate, tones remain vivid and intense once the natural polymerization has completed. It is made for both experts and beginners and is suitable for didactic and professional purposes.
  • The harmoniously studied range of eight colours including black and white allows for the reproduction of reality in its endless nuances. Suitable for canvas, wooden tables, cardboard, paper and, if specifically treated, metallic surfaces. It allows for the creation of impressive and long-lasting effects.
  • Oil paint cannot be mixed with water-based products. Brushes, tools, surfaces and stains should be cleaned with linseed oil first and then washed with lukewarm water and Marseille soap.