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Royal Talens - Art Creation Acrylic Paints Set

Rs. 875.00
  • Set of 12 and 24
  • 12ml tubes of Acrylic Paint from Royal Talens' Art Creation range.
  • Made in the Netherlands.
  • The Art Creation collection is perfect for artists of any skill level who are looking for professional quality materials at the most competitive prices.
  • These versatile acrylic-resin based paints can be used straight from the tube, like oil paints, or diluted with water, like watercolours.
  • Starting with a pasty consistency, the paint dries to a silky and waterproof sheen, and can be used on any somewhat absorbent ground.
  • Set contains the following acrylic colours: Titanium White (105), Yellow Ochre (227), Carmine (318), Burt Umber (409), Ultra Marine (504), Ivory Black (701), Burnt Sienna (411), Azo Yellow Lemon (267), Primary Yellow (275), Azo Deep Yellow (270). Azo Orange (276), Naphthol Red Medium (396), Primary Magenta (369), Permanent Red Violet (567), Permanent Blue Violet (568), Cobalt Blue (512), Primary Cyan (572), Phthalo Blue (570), Brilliant Blue (564), Turquoise Green (661), Yellowish Green (617), Permanent Green Light (618), Permanent Green Deep (619).