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Royal Talens - Art Creation Watercolour Paints

Rs. 875.00
  • The Art Creation collection is perfect for artists of any skill level who are looking for professional quality materials at the most competitive prices.
  • The high quality pigments used give beautifully rich tones.
  • With their ability to be thinned with water, subtle shades can also be created with ease.
  • Suitable for use on a variety of grounds, such as paper, canvas, and fabric.
  • Contents: 12 x 12 ml (colours: 108-200-334-326-504-535-617-602-227-411-409-708)
  • Contents: 24 x 12 ml (colours: 108-205-200-235-311-334-326-318-536-504-512-535-508-617-601-602- 623-227-234-411-409-408-708-701)