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Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour Field Plus – 12 Half Pans

Rs. 5,460.00
  • Cotman Field Plus Set is constructed in durable plastic with thumb ring, Set contains 12 Cotman Half Pans , 1 Cotman Pocket Brush No. 5, Artist Sponge, 2 Clip on water pots and 60ML water bottle. It offers 3 substantial mixing surfaces, one internal mixing palette with deep wells and two detachable sliding palettes with more shallow wells; Very Good Lightfastness & Permanence
  • Use of traditional pigments and synthetic pigments to produce an inexpensive selection of good quality watercolours; 40 colours in tubes and pans with good transparency, excellent tinting strength and good working properties
  • Uniform consistency in comparison to the Professional Water Colour range and this benefits beginners as there is less to learn about each individual pigment
  • All Cotman Watercolour are classed as 'permanent for artists' use' with AA and A rating which aids the longevity of paintings; Easy to work with good transparency
  • Artist and Fine Range Watercolour; Conforms to ASTM D4246