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Exploring the Penscape: Unveiling the Latest Additions at Scooboo - Laban, Scribo, and Twsbi

Exploring the Penscape: Unveiling the Latest Additions at Scooboo - Laban, Scribo, and Twsbi

As Scooboo welcomes new brands to its collection, the realm of writing instruments becomes even more intriguing. From exquisite fountain pens to precision ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils, these new arrivals promise a delightful fusion of functionality, style, and craftsmanship. Let's explore the unique features and specifications of these noteworthy additions, each designed to elevate the writing experience for enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

Laban Pocket Fountain Pen: A Symphony of Colors in Your Hand

Laban introduces the Canyon Pocket series, where colored resins meet compact size. With a cap that screws closed and posts on the back, these fountain pens come in three captivating colors - Tiger King, Glaze Blue, and Brown Bear. Crafted from acrylic resin, each pen boasts a randomly dying color resin, ensuring the uniqueness of every Laban Pocket. With a length of less than 5 inches, these lightweight and mini-sized pens are the epitome of convenience. The silver-plated clip adds a touch of sophistication to this pocket-friendly collection.

Laban Skeleton Fountain Pen Gun Metal: Embracing Elegance and Neat Design

The Laban Skeleton Fountain Pen in Gun Metal presents a fine brass construction with a poetic filigree pattern. The design not only ensures the pen's lightweight nature but also allows a clear view of the ink in the converter. The gunmetal finish exudes a low-key and neat aura, making it a prime choice for those with a strong mindset. With a dazzling silver coating skeleton and an iridium point steel nib, this pen promises not only elegance but also a brilliant and fierce writing experience.

Scribo Fountain Pen - Feel 18k Grey Blue: Embodying the Essence of Writing

Scribo introduces the Feel 18k Grey Blue, a fountain pen designed to express the entire SCRIBO philosophy inside a writing instrument. The pen's body, shaped like a Doric column, is hand-turned from a solid bar, offering a statuesque object with a neo-classical, elegant, and timeless design. The 18-carat gold nib, available in various sizes, takes center stage in this writing masterpiece. With a piston filler system and a captivating Grey/Blue color scheme, the Scribo Feel is an embodiment of the artistry of writing.

Scribo Fountain Pen - Feel 18k Inverno: Capturing the Essence of Winter

The Scribo Feel 18k Inverno pays homage to the contrasts of winter. Resin components, coupled with Ruthenium trim, create a pen that showcases the season's brutality and transiency. The exclusive 18k gold nibs, available in various sizes, promise a writing experience that aligns with Scribo's commitment to craftsmanship. The mosaic brown/grey color scheme further enhances the pen's unique character, making it a statement piece in the Feel collection.

Twsbi Ballpoint Pen - Precision Matt: A Fusion of Sophistication and Craftsmanship

The Twsbi Precision Matt Ballpoint Pen epitomizes sophistication and craftsmanship. Its hexagonal body not only exudes style but also prevents the pen from rolling away. The knurled grip section ensures stability and control without sacrificing comfort. With an all-metal construction and a stainless body, this ballpoint pen strikes a perfect balance between weight and balance. The Precision Matt is available in Matt Black and Matt Silver, offering a choice of elegant aesthetics.

Twsbi Pagoda Jr Mechanical Pencil: Merging Style and Functionality

Twsbi's Jr. Pagoda Mechanical Pencil combines style and functionality in a durable ABS plastic body. The hexagonal design, coupled with shiny metal trim, creates a visually appealing mechanical pencil. The comfortable grip, accentuated with strips of gray rubber, adds to the overall design and ensures a pleasurable writing experience. Lightweight and well-balanced, the Twsbi Pagoda Jr Mechanical Pencil is a testament to Twsbi's commitment to quality and affordability.

Twsbi Go Smoke Fountain Pen: Affordable Elegance with a Unique Piston Mechanism

The Twsbi Go Smoke Fountain Pen stands out as the most affordable Twsbi fountain pen yet. Featuring a unique spring-loaded piston mechanism, this resin pen has a clear body and grip section, providing a clear view of the ink and the piston mechanism at work. With a clipless push/snap cap and a silver stainless steel nib, the Twsbi Go Smoke combines affordability with elegance, making it an attractive addition to Twsbi's lineup.


Scooboo's introduction of these new writing instrument brands adds a layer of excitement to the world of stationery. Whether it's the vibrant Laban Pocket Fountain Pens, the elegant Laban Skeleton series, the philosophical Scribo Feel collection, or the precision of Twsbi's offerings, each brand brings a unique flavor to the writing experience. As these innovative pens and pencils find their way into the hands of enthusiasts, they not only promise functional excellence but also add a touch of style to every stroke of the pen. Explore the new brands at Scooboo and embark on a journey of writing excellence.


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