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When you encounter a colourful affair: A kit that colours your life!

Are you overwhelmed with work, and stress, and have no time left for any self-care? Not anymore! 

We have designed a special “When you encounter a colourful affair kit for you! To reverse your daily routines and make everything appears calm and serene in your world. To make you feel ready to work through the day's routine tasks and enjoy a fruitful afternoon. 

Plus Japan Decoration Tapes x 9 

The deco tape has a Simple, precise application technique. It comes in a Compact size which is convenient to carry with you anywhere. The roller attached to the inside of the clean roller tip removes the glue residue adhering to the head. Prevents residue from adhering to the paper surface. The types of glue can be selected according to various situations and applications. 


Our 2023 Annual Planners are sure to be the ‘PLANNER OF YOUR DREAMS’. These planners have been designed to enable you to be more productive & better organized every day in each area of your life. 

Kaco Pure Assorted colour Gel Pens 

The set comes in 10 different colours. The writing colour and the colour of the pen are the same, which means that you can have 10 colourful and beautiful writing pens at once 

Pure Macaron Highlighter - Five-color Pack 

Pure highlighters are remarkable for their unique quality and appearance. The best part about these highlighters is that they are Alcohol-based ink in Pastel shades. Be it to stay on top of your work, set and track your fitness & health goals or balance your personal pursuits this 2023 Annual Planner has it all. 


These to-do pads would be the place you jot down all those things you have been meaning to do but always forget. It is built with 500 GSM Kraft backing paper and has 60 tear-off leaves.

A colourful life is a happy one. And creating a more colourful life is possible. Scooboo has put together this kit to help you get organised and stay focused, by decorating your daily life in the colour of your choice.

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