Executive Excellence

Executive Excellence

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The Executive Excellence combo comes with everything one needs to be a business wizard. This set includes a premium Alio folder, stylish Klip gel pen, perfect for quickly jotting down important notes while on-the-go, and other office essentials. These statement stationery products are the embodiment of refined taste, excellence, and professionalism.

This Gift-set includes:

  1. Deli Elastic Document Case
  2. Kaco Alio Business Folder
  3. Klip 0.5mm Gel Pen
  4. Deli Business Card Holder 7621

What's Inside the Box ?

Deli Elastic Document Case

A sleek A4 sized document bag ideal to keep your documents secure and organized. Durable and sturdy bag with ample space to store upto 250 A4 size sheets.

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Kaco Alio Business Folder

Style and sophistication meet functionality with Kaco Alio Business Folder, an all-in-one storage solution for your everyday needs. Designed to sustain everyday use with a special waterproof and stain-proof fabric. Dedicated storage compartments for your iPad and smartphone, and your everyday stationery.

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Klip 0.5mm Gel Pen

Experience precise writing with the Kaco Klip pen's ultra-fine point. Its anodized aluminum body provides durability and a sophisticated matte finish. The iconic arrow clip design keeps it secure and adds elegance. Enjoy uninterrupted, smudge-free writing with its ample ink volume. Kaco Klip - Designed for an elevated writing experience.

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Deli Business Card Holder 7621

A must-have accessory for your desk, this clear Deli Business Card Holder makes your contact information easily accessible. The clear GPPS material allows you to showcase your logo, while the hinged lid protects your cards from dust and damage.

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Executive Excellence - SCOOBOO - -

Why is this kit a perfect gift for your father?

An ode to dad's achievements, the "Executive Excellence" kit is a sophisticated collection of office essentials. This distinctive combo embodies refinement and excellence, featuring a premium business folder, the statement-making Klip gel pen as well as a sleek business card holder and a file bag. This combo is the perfect gift to honor your father's dedication and hardwork, and can show him how you'll always be cheering for him as he reaches new heights in his professional endeavors.

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