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7 Can't Miss Stabilo Stationery Products

Stabilo is a well-known German stationery company with a global presence. Sketching, highlighting, drawing, writing, and coloring are all possible with these writing tools. The brand is part of the Schwan-STABILO group that offers bright, inventive, high-quality products. 

The best of the popular Stabilo stationery are available on our online shop It includes their best-selling items that you will undoubtedly purchase again and again.

For every target group out there, novices and seasoned artists. The Schwan-Stabilo offer a strong feeling of innovation in lifestyle and practicality. 

They have been making pens for over 160 years, provide high-quality, one-of-a-kind goods and has enjoyed client devotion ever since.

At Scoboo, we have almost all the must-haves from this well-known company that will make lettering and sketching enjoyable and enjoyable!

The following are some of the most popular Stabilo stationery items:

  • Original Pastel-Highlighter Pen by STABILO BOSS

  • Pastel Highlighters are one of the most popular highlighter pens on the market today. These pens have been spotted all over social media. They're popular among the younger generation, who enjoy pastel colours.

    • The best highlighters for highlighting all of the key points in your notes and meetings.
    • It has 4-hour dry-out protection, so you can leave the cap off for an extended period without worrying about the pen drying out.
    • For colour variation, there are six appealing colours.
    • It can be refilled with STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL to help the environment.
    • It is a fantastic option for anyone who enjoys lettering and bullet journals.
    • Allows you to highlight, draw, and letter with two line widths (2 + 5 mm).
    • Do these pens come in a small size since who doesn't desire adorable stationery?

    1. Fineliner STABILO Point 88

    These are the absolute best-selling and most popular products. The great brilliance and luminosity of the Stabilo Pen 88 are well known. A timeless classic pen for folks who enjoy jotting down notes, highlighting, or even sketching different drawings with various coloured pens. Schoolchildren, students, and working professionals can all benefit from it.

    • Bullet Journaling and planning are the most common uses for these pens.
    • For many years, a hexagonal striped pen has been known over the world.
    • There are 47 colourful colours and 6 neon tones to choose from, providing a good variety of colours for all stationery aficionados.
    • A pen with a width of 0.4 mm can be used for a variety of tasks.
    • It has a metal-encased tip to make it more durable and less likely to shatter. The pen cap can be easily placed at the end.
    • Slim and light in stature.
    • It can be left open for an extended period while drawing or taking notes.
    1. Sketch Pen (STABILO Pen 68)

    Sketch Pen can colour both small regions and huge shapes. Children and adults alike can use these pens to colour their drawings and create beautiful writing designs.

    • Stabilo Pen 68 is ideal for all the creative people out there, whether they're little children or adults.
    • For everyone, there are 47 vibrant colours to choose from. Pastel and neon tints are available as well.
    • Water-based ink with a high level of brilliance and luminosity.
    • The cap can be removed for up to 24 hours and the pen will continue to function normally without drying out.
    • Outlining, colouring, doodling, and mind mapping are all great uses for them.


    4. Watercolour Pencil Set from STABILO

    A great value product that artists all around the world adore. If you use water and a brush with these Stabilo Aquacolor Watercolour pencils. Your painting will look wonderful. It is simple to use for both beginners and pros who are new to water colouring.

    • It can be used dry or wet, resulting in incredible effects on your artwork.
    • With a 2.88 mm tip, they come in different sets of 12, 18, 24, and 36 colours.
    • It has a deep colour that can be applied to paper with a wet brush or directly from the tip.
    • It's very easy to control and comfortable to hold.

    1. Woody 3 in 1 Colour Pencil, Water Colour, And Wax Crayon by STABILO

    A one-of-a-kind multi-tasking pencil designed for folks. Those who enjoy colouring, water colouring, and crayon colouring. It's ideal for kids because it's hefty to grasp and can be used in a multitude of ways, encouraging them to be as inventive as they can.

    • Unique Stabilo three-in-one colour pencil, watercolour, and wax crayon.
    • Its hefty shape and size, as well as its unbreakable lead, make it ideal for children's hands and encourage good grip.
    • Because it applies colour equivalent to about 8 colour pencils, it is very vivid and full of colour.
    • These are break-proof and used by both youngsters and adults under any amount of pressure.
    • Ideal for colouring or sketching huge shapes, drawings, and other things.

    1. EASYbuddy Fountain Pen with Erasable Ink by STABILO

    This is a new addition to the Stabilo range of writing devices for handwriting improvement.

    • If you're just getting started with a fountain pen, Stabilo Easybuddy is a terrific pen.
    • The erasable ink is the pen's best feature. Making it a must-have.
    • The transparent, see-through glass allows you to see how much ink is left in the cartridge and refill it as needed.
    • When you carry the pen with you, the cap is spring-loaded. It prevents ink from leaking.
    • This is a medium-sized nib that is ideal for students who are new to this.
    • Standard ink cartridges can be used with the pen.

    1. STABILO EASYgraph -Graphite Pencil

    • The Hb graphite pencil is a soft, pleasant pencil that produces crisp, legible handwriting.
    • The Stabilo Easygraph Graphite pencils are triangular in design and include moulded grip zones to assist children in maintaining a smooth grasp on the pencil.
    • Even after sharpening, the pencil's sculpted grip zones ensure that you have the correct grip.

    Though there are many more products available on our online shop. The popular Stabilo stationery suggests all of the above-mentioned items as the best. 

    So go to Scooboo stationery store and see them for yourselves. We are sure that you'll be persuaded to buy any one of these products. 

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