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8 Must Have Summer Art And Craft Supplies under Rs.1000

8 Must Have Summer Art And Craft Supplies under Rs.1000 - SCOOBOO

Anmol Grace |

A blank piece of paper and some art supplies are sometimes all that is required to get someone's creative juices flowing. They may also require some motivation to get started. It's time to bring out some fantastic craft kits for yourself when you need your next refrigerator masterpiece – one of our favourite summer activities to keep yourself occupied for hours.


One of the most appealing aspects of these tools is that they provide a starting point or an idea while yet allowing for a great deal of creativity. Scooboo brings you these 8 Must-Have Summer Art and Craft tools that are suitable for everybody.



A child, a teen, or an adult may create summer masterpieces with the correct equipment.


Wax Crayons by Faber Castell



  • For all ages, special shapes and sizes are available to aid in the development of early age sketching and motor abilities.
  • Smooth, vibrantly coloured sticks that are easy on the hands.
  • Pigments that are non-toxic and suitable for use in food suitable for children aged 3 and above


Artist Watercolour Pad by Brustro



  • Wet and dry, internally and externally proportioned for optimal absorbency.
  • This paper is perfect for all fine art techniques.
  • Sheets made of 25% cotton and 300 gsm cold pressed
  • Italy produces paper.
  • A4 in size


Colouring Book with Doodles



  • Colouring is a fun and creative way to unwind. 32 distinct drawings to colour in for adults in Creative Doodle Colouring.
  • A fantastic mood-lifting novel that will pique your interest and keep you entertained for hours.
  • Choose your favourite colouring tool, get started, and relax while enjoying the relaxing art.


Luna Colour Pencils by Staedtler



The vibrant colours you can achieve with these pencils will bring your next drawing to life. These pencils are a wonderful art medium since they fit well in your hands and allow you to sketch for hours without interruption. 

Colour pencils are more convenient to use than oil or acrylic paints for many painters since they are easier to clean. With the help of these amazing pencils from Staedtler, you can turn your creative ideas into stunning artwork.


  • It can be used as a regular colour pencil or can be used to produce a watercolour appearance with water and a brush.
  • Colours are vibrant, and they are fade-resistant and provide good coverage.
  • Made in Germany, these leads are smooth and silky.
  • Lead that doesn't break
  • In the Indian market, it always comes with a free product.
  • Assorted colours are available in 12-packs, 24-packs, 36-packs, and 48-packs.


Plus Japan DecoTapes



Plus Japan Deco Tapes are unique Japanese paper tapes with many vibrant colours and patterns. It's a terrific complement to creative projects, from adding highlights to ordinary objects (try wrapping it around your phone charger) to mixed media crafts, thanks to its cheerful designs.


Art Cart Kit by Faber Castell



For the small artist, this is an appealing colouring set. Inside the pack is a paper door tag. Colours are available in both dry and wet forms.

Contains :

  • 12 Erasable Crayons, 3 Oil Pastels, 10 Water Colour Pens, 6 Tempera Colours, 1 Paint Brush, 1 Scratch Tool, 1 PVC Free Eraser, 1 Sharpener, and 1 Craft Scissors are included in this set.
  • All you need now is a sketchbook and your imagination. So go ahead and share this creative experience with your youngster as soon as possible!
  • This Faber Castell Art Cart is the ideal present for any child. So go ahead and put this in your cart. You will not be disappointed!


Watercolours By Primo



These colour tablets are created by squeezing together highly coloured, high-quality powders.

The box includes 24 different colours, as well as removable plastic trays, a white tube, and a brush. The effects are vivid and opaque when applied with little amounts of water; adding some white generates subtle pastel shadings.

It may be used for traditional techniques on paper and cardboard, as well as for techniques that require new materials. It's compatible with the rest of the Primo water-based product line.


Set of Four Faber-Castell Synthetic Hair Flat Assorted Paint Brushes



You never know when you'll need a paintbrush. Of course, you'll use it for paint, but other materials demand the use of a brush, such as some glues. Look for a pack of synthetic bristle brushes from Faber-Castell, which come in many sizes and forms.



Some of the items on this list appear to be self-evident. Colour Pencils are necessary, but it's worth emphasising that they should be of good quality, and that there are ways to extend the life of this equipment. A good set of crayons and sketch pads, in addition to colour pencils, will help you design your next big project. Having a few spools of washi tape on hand is also a terrific way to add some unexpected colour and fun to your projects.

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