The backbone of every business is its customers. It is really important to have a good relationship with all their clients, which eventually helps in getting more business. The common way business use to make their client happy is by providing special discounts. But there are more ways to make your clients happy. Corporate gifting is the best among them.
Corporate gifting helps to create a very good bond between the business and its customers. Sending your clients a holiday gift is always a good idea, but sending them the first thing you find in your warehouse is not. So it is not just about sending the gift. The gift you send them reflects the image of your business. No one wants their business to be remembered by their clients because of a bad gift sent by them.
Stationary will always be a versatile corporate gift option to engage your audience. Whether they are4 students or working adults, anybody can find a use for good quality stationery. These items also present high branding potential due to the flexible options for printing, coupled with the fact that people tend to keep them around for a long time. After all, there is no such thing as too much stationery.
If your company is planning to get stationary corporate gifts for your clients, you can be thinking of what type of gift to get. To help inform your choice, take a look at these stationary gift ideas that your clients would appreciate.



There is no doubt that the most needed stationery for anyone is nothing but a pen. When we gift it, either it needs to be an expensive one or it should be a different kind of pen.
Using gel pens is a subtle way to add visual interest to artwork. They can help draw attention to important vocabulary terms in-class notes, add details handmade cards and others.
Gel pens need to strike the right balance when it comes to flow. If they do not deposit enough ink on the page, they will be scratchy and not sufficiently opaque. Too much ink and they will bleed through the paper. Some pastel gel pens flow similarly to standard gel pens. They dry in a reasonable amount of time and can be used for note-taking. On the other hand, pastel gel pens made for crafting tend to have a very wet flow. This makes them smoother and opaque, especially on dark papers.
The ink feeds stably and comes out even more smoothly. Body colour is the ink colour of the pen. The pens have vivid-coloured opaque ink that allows them to write on light and dark-coloured papers.
The tip is a 0.5mm metal tip that writes medium lines. These pens are fantastic for bullet journalizing, notes, doodles, arts, and crafts, cards, and more!


Our lives and our experiences, both good and bad, leave indelible marks upon us. In fact, so often our most damaging behaviours – self-criticism, self–censorship, conformity – are not inherent but are learning as we get older. A handwritten diary can help us to reconnect with our true inner selves.
“I think that as we become adults; we lose most of our opportunities to express ourselves”
As children, we heartily sludge paint onto paper, write magical stories, and talk freely about how we feel. We roar and we create. By the time we are adults, our souls have learned to whisper in an attempt to fit in, to be perfect, to conform and be liked.


Clients can say goodbye to loose documents strewn all about their office with this practical gift. Having even a single extra folder can go a long way in getting organized, even better if they get can multiple to categorize their paper.
Companies have many options when it comes to folders as corporate gifts. Classic L – shaped folders are always a safe option, while more specialized envelope or certificate folders would provide a sense of professionalism that could impress clients. Like notebooks, folders have a lot of space to work with for designs, so their promotional potential is similarly high.



You can never go wrong with high–quality stationary corporate gifts. With its practicality and flexible branding options, stationary is suitable for any target audience and any branding image. To get the best results, you should engage a reputable corporate gift company that also provides reliable printing services.

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