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Environment-Friendly Notebooks - PAPBOO PLANTABLE B6 NOTEBOOKS

Every person on Earth has as their priority to preserve the environment. Too much garbage in the ecosystem has caused a great deal of damage. Unexpectedly many people, organizations, and communities want to do more to safeguard and conserve our natural resources, but they are unsure about how to start being more ecologically friendly.


That the very first thing you need to learn is how to start making a difference and what makes each of these components of our environment a part of the process of altering and conserving our resources. Cleaning a more ecologically responsible lifestyle is being environmentally friendly.


It takes a few measures to protect the environment and make the world a better place for our communities and future generations which includes saving water, using less electricity, driving and walking more, buying recycled goods, eating locally grown produce, joining environmental organizations to fight air pollution, producing less waste, planting more trees, and many other things.


Scooboo is a one-stop shop for stationery and offers additional knowledge, but it's also a place where you can start protecting the environment.


Yes, you read it write! Embedded with seeds, this biodegradable eco-paper is produced from post-consumer waste (no trees were damaged in the making of this paper!). The seeds sprout when the paper is planted in a pot of soil, and the paper decomposes. Flowers, herbs, or veggies are the only things left behind; there is no waste.


Scooboo Plantable Products


A plantable diary should be considered an ideal pick. How will you feel when those herb saplings are smiling will bloom in your garden? Eco-Friendly Recycled Handmade Paper Notebooks are the Best choice for Boys & Girls and can be a Special Gift for Environmentalists. 

It promotes environmental awareness and is environmentally sustainable. This can be used as a Notebook for school, kids, and stationery. It is considered a contribution to the environment to use environmentally friendly Reusable eco-friendly notebooks for birthday gift returns as well.


An overview:


The Plantable notebook's cover includes seeds woven into it.   The back cover of the notebook contains directions about how to plant this cover after it has been used.

Made from 40 Plain Handmade Paper, which gives it an environmentally friendly vibe. It is comfortable in size  Because the diary is B6 in size, carrying it about is simpler.

Use it as you feel. Draw pictures to represent your ideas, take notes, write stories, keep track of your moods, and more.

The use of the journal provides an additional opportunity to grow a plant and contribute to the reduction of pollutants.

It comes in four styles App, Miracle, Sun, and Weekend. It is available on Scooboo's website.


How To Plant This Notebook?


The notebook is easy to be planted. You need to follow a few steps, the steps are also provided at the back of the notebook.

Step 1) Cut out the notebook cover and soak it in water for 3-4 days until it sprouts.

Step 2) Cover the sprouted paper with soil and keep giving water and sunlight.


Why is plantable paper important?


Plantable products can help with reforestation. It benefits the soil, wetlands, water quality, and animal habitats. Plantable seed paper is an inventive solution to cut waste and reuse old goods while also improving the environment.

The seed embedded in plantable seed paper is protected because the papers contain no chemicals. Paper with seeds inside readily breaks down in the ground, but the seeds within start to sprout. This paper is both sustainable and kind to the environment. 

To sum up, Scooboo offers a selection of stationery in addition to informative blogs. Additionally, it ships throughout India and will give you a 10% discount on your first purchase.



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