Japan Stationery Heaven

Whether you're a hobbyist or just someone who wants to help others, then this kit is simply the greatest thing to buy. It's got everything that you need, and it comes in the epitome of great offers and products so as to help you find your way in the crafty world around easily. It will also help you save time and energy because it offers you a set of products which are already mixed together for your convenience. This kit is everything you need for making the perfect crafts but with maximum ease and efficiency. These products scream innovation and will never ever disappoint you. Make life easier, quicker and less stressful with these products.

It includes the following products:- 


Guard-Your-ID Camouflage Roller Stamp

It is excellent for concealing your printed personal identifying information. It comes with double the protection for your private information. The uses include covering addresses and other personal data in delivery slips attached to packing boxes. 


Plus Japan Extra Long Scissors

Being extra long and extra Unique, it cuts an A4 sheet in a single stroke. It is super lightweight, sturdy and comfortable for your hand. Easily opens packaging or articles with just one swipe. 

Plus Japan Staple-Free Stapler

Environment Friendly Staple free stapler. Fastens the papers on the corner or side. It is mini-sized yet can handle up to 6 sheets. It has a comfortable and easy grip. Super safe to use since no hassle of staple pins. 

Zero Max Expandable File x 2

Setting new styles and environmental standards. It is eco-friendly. Extremely flexible and is only as wide as the documents it holds, saving space but is still able to hold up to 1000 pages. It is easy to load and based on 80gsm paper. 


Plus Japan Twiggy Smart Scissor

Convenience at its best. It has a long blade, especially for a portable scissor. The curved blades keep the best blade angle to grasp the cutting object. The easy operation and carrying around is remarkable. It is secure with an automatic locking system and a strap hole.


Glue Tape Pro Power 8.4

Innovation at its best. Super strong adhesive and easy, neat application by rolling. It is also refillable. It is safe and acid-free. Easy operation with one hand. There are types of glue that can be selected according to various situations. 


Sky Roller Pen

Smooth and Steady. A fine nib of 0.5mm and vivid black ink provides amazing writing quality. It is quick-dry and smear-free. Triangle ergonomic Design for posture correction and best writing grip. It is not refillable. 


So if you're looking for the perfect crafting kit to buy and make projects even easier. If you've been racking your brains incessantly, If you are looking for something new, innovative, cute and creative crafts, look no further than Japan Stationery Heaven. This set comes complete with every single one of the necessary tools to help you create your own unique and brilliant creations.

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