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Flat 10 % off on all purchases. Coupon Code - YAY10
Flat 10 % off on all purchases.Coupon Code - YAY10

Guard-Your-ID Camouflage Roller Stamp

Original price Rs. 500.00 - Original price Rs. 500.00
Original price
Rs. 500.00
Rs. 500.00 - Rs. 500.00
Current price Rs. 500.00
    Features :
    • THE ORIGINAL FROM JAPAN - The Camouflage Roller Stamp is a handy solution to protect you against identity theft.
    • PATENTED STAMP PATTERN - Excellent concealing performance! Conceals typewritten and handwritten words *May not conceal all data completely, depending on the type of paper or print.
    • SPECIALLY FORMULATED INK - Ensures that addresses will not bleed through so junk mail can be safely recycled.
    • VERY EASY TO REFILL: No mess, no spilling! One-touch-refill system - Simply press the arrow-button on the front side of the stamp to open and release the ink-cartridge.
    • LONG LASTING STAMPING CAPACITY - The ink lasts up to 50m / 160 feet which equals approximately 1.000 impressions.

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