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Office Marvels: Elevating Your Workspace with Chic and Functional Stationery

In the realm of stationery, Scooboo stands out as a beacon for stationery lovers, offering a curated collection that seamlessly combines chic aesthetics with unparalleled functionality. Let's explore some of the standout products from Scooboo that can elevate your workspace, making it a haven for creativity, organization, and productivity.

1. Kaco Alio Business Folder: A Fusion of Style and Functionality

The Kaco Alio Business Folder is a testament to sophistication and practicality. Crafted with a high-quality waterproof and anti-stain fabric, this stylish notebook is perfect for corporate needs during travel, business meetings, or daily work. The two sheets of black PVC cover, wire binding, and a triple-folding design secured with an elastic band and buckle ensure durability.

Inside, the left side features three layered pockets with six separate storage spaces for business cards, credit cards, cheques, and more. The transparent zippered pocket on the right is designed for smartphones, allowing touch operation through the transparent pocket. Moreover, the internal pocket is tailored for iPad mini or similar-sized tablets. With a TUBE Gel Pen, notebook, and white plastic card holder included, this business folder is a comprehensive solution for professionals.

Available in three elegant colors – Black, Grey, and Red – the Kaco Alio Business Folder is sized at A5, making it the ideal daily planner to organize marketing and promotional materials during client presentations.

2. Hero Smart Double Pen Set: Effortless Elegance in Writing

For those who appreciate the art of writing, the Hero Smart Double Pen Set is a game-changer. Featuring EF + F tip fountain pens with four ink bags, this set combines vibrant design with smooth writing. The ease of replacing ink cartridges by a simple twist and push mechanism ensures uninterrupted writing pleasure.

Crafted by the renowned brand Hero, these fountain pens are versatile, suitable for office, home, school, and even calligraphy practice. Elevate your writing experience with the Hero Smart Double Pen Set, where style meets functionality effortlessly.

3. Every Moment Puzzle Gel Pen Set: Express Yourself Creatively

Dive into a world of creativity with the Every Moment Puzzle Gel Pen Set. Boasting 26 letters and 6 icons in four colors, this press-type gel pen set allows you to express yourself in myriad ways. The lightweight pen holder ensures fatigue-free writing, making it perfect for extended sessions.

Whether you're writing, journaling, taking notes, highlighting text, or sketching, these vividly colored puzzle particles will add a touch of joy to your workspace. The DIY combinations offered by this gel pen set make it a must-have for stationery enthusiasts who value self-expression.

4. Kokuyo Harinacs Pinless Stapler (10 sheets): Efficiency Redefined

Say goodbye to traditional staplers with the Kokuyo Harinacs Pinless Stapler. This innovative stapler eliminates the need to remove metal pins before shredding, providing a hassle-free experience. With the ability to interlock 10 sheets at a time, this stapler is a game-changer for home, school, and office use.

The transparent window in the mechanism allows easy visibility of the punching area. Simplify your stapling tasks and enjoy the efficiency of the Kokuyo Harinacs Pinless Stapler, where convenience meets functionality seamlessly.

5. Kangaro Munix Craft Scissors - 4 Design Set: Precision in Every Cut

Precision meets style with the Kangaro Munix Craft Scissors. This set of four design scissors is not only corrosion-resistant but also boasts stainless steel blades that stay sharper for longer periods. The high-impact ABS handle and finger rest ensure comfort during use.

Ideal for office, business, and home use, these scissors add a touch of elegance to your workspace. The color delivered is subject to stock availability, ensuring that your scissors are as unique as your creative endeavors.

6. Casio Check and Correct Desktop Calculator with Tax Keys: Smart Calculation Companion

Take your calculations to the next level with the Casio Check and Correct Desktop Calculator. This feature-rich calculator comes equipped with dedicated tax keys for precise calculations of price plus tax, tax amount, and price less tax. The mark-up capabilities simplify cost and profit calculations.

With regular keys like %, square root, memory, and dedicated +/- and backspace keys, this calculator ensures efficiency in every operation. The Indian comma marker facilitates easy reading of numbers in Lakh and Crore, with the option to switch to Million and Billion. The dual-powered system, combining solar and battery, ensures uninterrupted operation, regardless of light availability.

7. Kaco Alio Premium Business Handbag: Style Meets Practicality

Complete your professional ensemble with the Kaco Alio Premium Business Handbag. This stylish and functional pouch is designed to meet the needs of business professionals on the go. Made from high-quality waterproof and anti-stain fabric, the handbag includes a mini notebook and a gel pen for your convenience.

The zippered pouch features separate storage spaces for business cards, notes, credit cards, and more. The inner left side boasts three layered pockets with seven card slots, one large pocket, two holders, and one zipper pocket. The right side includes one large pocket, one holder, and a pen slot. Available in five vibrant colors – Grey, Black, Green, Blue, and Pink – this premium handbag is sized perfectly at 220mm(L) x 125mm(W) x 30mm(D).


In conclusion, Scooboo's range of stationery products brings a perfect blend of style and functionality to your workspace. Elevate your office environment with these chic and efficient tools that cater to the needs of stationery lovers who appreciate both aesthetics and practicality.


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