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Quirky Notebooks from Online Stationery Brands

In the last year or two, online stationery has exploded in India. People's preferences have shifted dramatically from ordinary scenic notebooks to considerably better-looking and high-quality notebooks. 

And, throughout time, several manufacturers have done an admirable job of producing an increasing number of designer, trendy, and quirky stationery notebooks for us. 

As a result, the focus of this article is on the originality that few brands provide in terms of designs, materials, price points, quality, and appearance.


Kalp Notebooks



If you're a fan of handmade notebooks, check out Kalp's diverse assortment of handcrafted books. They have everything from weird to amusing prints. 

At Scooboo, we have around 25 Kalp notebooks that you can choose from and are perfect for taking notes, writing, and doodling.

KALP is a company that uses ZERO plastic. Every decision they make and every product or notebook that they release is based on sustainability.

The paper used in notebooks is FSC or PEFC certified, indicating that it comes from forests that are responsibly managed.

Great for personal use by those over the age of 18 and of both genders. The price range is reasonable and easy to pay.


Scholar Contrast



Neon-coloured covering material for a youthful look. These Scholar notebooks are made of premium white paper with a colour contrast combination on the book's edges and an elastic band on the cover.

A visual treat for the vivacious and active YOU! Make a statement with one and liven up your life!


Rainbow Notebook



The rainbow symbolises many lovely things with its brilliant display of violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. It is one of the most beautiful natural events on the planet.

Its colours reflect many good aspects of life and the world we live in, both individually and collectively.

So, lighten up your day with our amazing Rainbow stationery - a square Ringed Notes binder with blank coloured sheets for you to pen or pencil in your thoughts.

Purchase them for yourself or as a loving gift for someone else, and enjoy the colours of the day.


Mooch Notebooks



It exemplifies the allure of homemade stationery, complete with eccentric covers and designs for stationery aficionados. They deliver designed diaries to fans of all things unusual in a unique way.

Mooch journals are made of Indian Khaki Paper, which gives the book a vintage vibe. They believe in catering to the concept of a regular notebook that is both useful and aesthetically beautiful.



These four brands, we believe, are ideal for any stationery addict's hunger for knowledge about various types of forte. From matte to shine, leather to handmade, this piece caters to all tastes and may perhaps inspire new ones.

Scooboo believes in informing and reminding consumers and the general public about the importance of stationery in our lives; it's a tool that helps us shape and grow our lives and achieve our objectives.


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