Whether it is a coloured gel pen, a single-ruled journal, highlighters, mechanical pencils, or something else entirely. One of the most crucial items in the life of a child or an office worker is stationery. 

It is a daily requirement that we all require for creating artwork, crafts, presentations, improving writing, and keeping stationery safe and secure in one location.

Scooboo's 8 Must-Have Best-Selling Stationery Essentials are as follows:


Easy 4 in 1 Gel Ink Pen




If you enjoy writing and want to expand your creativity, the Easy 4 in 1 Gel Ink Pen should be at the top of your stationery shopping list.

A 4 in 1 Gel Ink pen can let you unleash your creativity while also giving your writing a fresh and appealing appearance. So, with these smooth writing pens, let your artistic side show off your talent and ingenuity. 

Students taking notes in class can use these 4 in 1 coloured Gel pens to make their notebooks more colourful and interesting. 

The vibrant colours can help people remember even the most difficult of concepts by making ideas and notions stand out more. 

Multicolour pens also make dull schoolwork more enjoyable for children.


Turbo Mechanical Pencil 0.5 Premium + Resin Leads



Kaco Turbo Mechanical pencils are used in technical drawing and quick, tidy writing to create lines of constant width without sharpening. Fine-art sketching has also been done with them. 

They are also quite popular among students because they do not require sharpening.

When opposed to wooden pencils, mechanical pencils have a variety of advantages such as:

  • You don't need to sharpen them as often as you would with other pencils. 
  • Wooden ones must be sharpened and will become shorter after a point, they provide superior balance and precision. 
  • Mechanical pencils are refillable, they can be used for many years, but wooden pencils cannot.


Pure Macaron Highlighter - Five-colour Pack




  • Macarons are soft and light-coloured, translucent and eye-catching pastels. The pen tip has a multi-face bevel pattern.
  • Draw a range of thick and thin lines by adjusting the angle of the pen tip, flexibly Moderate brush strokes, smooth writing, and clean scratches with a fibre tip and dye ink.
  • The cap is well-sealed, and the ink does not easily evaporate.
  • It may be reversed on the pen's end once it has been unplugged, making it difficult to lose.
  • The pen holder's anti-rolling construction ensures a more solid setting.


Single Ruled Diary




A notebook or a diary which will fulfil all your requirements. You may be a student, a working professional, or a stay-at-home mom and still appreciate what this diary has to offer. It is a diary that will last a lifetime, as it is made of PU and International Quality Inner Paper. 

Even if you wish to journal, you'll find that you prefer this notebook/diary to others.

It's also available in a variety of hues, allowing you to have different colours for different occasions. It is 192 pages long.


Olive Perpetual Calendar




These brilliant and colourful calendars will last a lifetime. The calendar is divided into two sections: Day and Date. Turn it over and adjust the settings as needed.


Plus Japan Glue Tape 12 METRES




It is a 12-metre tape of total length that acts as a permanent adhesive.

It has a one-of-a-kind design and a very narrow width.

The Cutting is free of debris and at the end of each application, it cleanly breaks.

It's easy to grasp the pen-style applicator in your hand. Gift wrapping, ribbons, die cuts, picture paste, and envelopes, to name a few applications.


Kaco Pure Macaron Gel Pens



Pure series limited edition. There are five different pastel shades to choose from. Ink flow is smooth and effortless.

Every day, a variety of pen body colours can make your writing feel calm and pleasant. 

The pen's body is composed of sturdy ABS and soft rubber paint, giving it a velvety, exquisite feel. The delicate and soft-grip sensation eliminates writing fatigue and makes every second of writing delightful.


Ruma Ruler & Bookmark



The aluminium ruler can also serve as a bookmark.

  • Unique bookmark clip at the tail, multi-purpose in one-foot Aluminium alloy material, light and robust, designed by well-known designers
  • Cut and polished rounded corners, smooth without cutting hands, comfortable to touch
  • Laser engraving is used on the scale, which is more wear-resistant, clear, and easy to read. To satisfy daily learning/office demands, 15cm scale specs are often employed.

Scooboo has all of the essentials stated above. When you visit, simply click the best selling page.

I hope this blog post inspired you or assisted you in compiling a list of all the basics for setting up a writer's den.

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