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Winter vacation is coming to end, so get your stationery bag ready!

Winter vacation is coming to end, so get your stationery bag ready! - SCOOBOO

Anmol Grace |

Is it not chilly? You should be prepared since the break is going to end. Have you prepared enough hot chocolate? or is there still something? I imagine you're not quite ready to leave your blanket, but you must. You need to gather your stuff once more since your job, school, and college are about to restart. From your uniform to your meetings, everything has to be organized. Have you forgotten any office supplies? Scooboo won't allow you to do that, but here is a list of stationery that is made for everyone going back to work.


Panda Party K7 Gel Pen

  • Panda Party K7 Gel Pen from KACO Comfortable grip, huge capacity, and a double-point pen tip Smooth writing using a double-point pen head that is difficult to break the ink Pigment-based ink that dries quickly maintains the paper's cleanliness and aesthetic appeal
  • The K7 gel pen has a huge capacity and provides a longer writing experience; its writing length is around 600 meters.
  • not refilled
  • The pen's grip is constructed of thermoplastic rubber, which is relatively strong and supple, providing extra protection for your fingertips.
  • You will undoubtedly fall in love with the Kaco pen line's sleek and understated appearance.
  • This pen is quite pleasant to use, especially for extended periods of writing.


Odd Giraffe Notepad | Weekly Memo

  • You should use Odd Giraffe's Time Management Notepad to list all of your tasks.
  • you may monitor your daily routine so you don't miss a beat at work or home.
  • By writing down your main objectives, plans, and appointments in our colorful weekly note, you can easily plan and organize your whole week.
  • You should write down all the things you've been intending to do but keep forgetting in this Odd Giraffe.
  • This memo's straightforward layout includes tear-off pages, allowing you to check off tasks as you complete them and then simply remove the sheet at the end of the week to prepare for a fresh week of accomplishments.


Nutella Jar (Khaki Paper) 

  • Every Mooch notebook is uniquely created by regional artists for your tales.
  • Pages and ruling - This Mooch notebook includes 120GSM Unruled White Buff Cartridge Paper and Unruled Indian Khaki Paper. 54 pages/108 leaves (front and back).
  • Durable hardcover - A hardcover that will last for a long time. The book looks better because of the chiselled edges.
  • Coffee-scented paper - To provide you with a bit more than just the standard notebook experience, every one of our pages has been imbued with the aroma of coffee.
  • Convenient size - An A6 diary that you can simply carry with you wherever you go in your pocket or laptop bag.


Pure Macaron Highlighter - Five-color Pack

  • Introducing the pure highlighters, which are notable for their distinct look and quality. The fact that these highlighters are alcohol-based ink in pastel colors is their finest feature.
  • Fine plastic construction in vibrant pastel hues.
  • When pressure is applied, a fine, flexible fiber tip produces the user's chosen strokes.
  • Soft, light-colored pigments that do not spill across the back of the paper make them the ideal choice for usage with lower-gsm paper.
  • tight cap that may be turned around to the pen's tip. 


Kaco Daily Planner A5

  • Kaco Daily Planner is a straightforward layout with a precise and useful drawing-aided design and the right number of squares.
  • The Kaco Daily Planner has an executive appearance because of the vibrant color of the pages and the thin grid lines that are used on them.
  • This item will meet all of your demands and look amazing while doing so, whether you work in an office, attend school, or just need a diary at home for your daily tasks.
  • This journal is expertly constructed with high-quality materials and thoughtfully created with the user's needs in mind. You may use it for anything you want and be happy with the results.
  • Imagining a world of your own on paper

A lot is waiting for you on Scooboo's website; the list is not yet complete. Keep moving because there will soon be more specials and promotions! Get 10% off your first order as well.

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