A Calm Oasis - SCOOBOO - -
A Calm Oasis - SCOOBOO - -
A Calm Oasis - SCOOBOO - -
A Calm Oasis - SCOOBOO - -
A Calm Oasis - SCOOBOO - -
A Calm Oasis - SCOOBOO - -

A Calm Oasis

A Calm Oasis

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Prioritize your tasks and keep track of every meeting and chore with this planner and pens combo, also making it ideal for personal and corporate gifting.

What's Inside the Box ?

Pure Silicon Stationary Box

The pencil case cover is made of high-quality silicone, making it durable and sturdy. The soft design protects your stationery from scratches and dust and helps keep it looking new.

Original MRP: 450/-
MRP in the kit: 382.5/-

Buy this separately: 400.5/-

Turbo Mechanical Pencil 0.5 Premium + Resin Leads

A stylish mechanical pencil with an anti-slip grip and low centre of gravity for more stability and balance. Comes with a cartridge of durable 0.5mm leads, ideal for writing and sketching purposes.

Original MRP: 225/-
MRP in the kit: 191.25/-

Buy this separately: 200.25/-

Kaco Pure Gel Pens 0.5mm (Pack of 10)

Cute gel pens with quick-drying, vibrant Japanese Mikuni Pigment ink. The ink comes out stably and consistently.

Original MRP: 699/-
MRP in the kit: 594.15/-

Buy this separately: 622.11/-

XI Eleven Master Planner 2023

With a minimalistic design, add a touch of sophistication to your office essentials with the XI Eleven Master Planner.

Original MRP: 1299/-
MRP in the kit: 1104.15/-

Buy this seperately: 1156.11/-

XI Eleven Transparent Sticky Notes

Transparent sticky notes to draw attention to the page without obscuring important text. These waterproof sticky notes come in a pack of 50, with a free pen.

Original MRP: 249/-
MRP in the kit: 211.65/-

Buy this separately: 221.61/-

Why is this kit essential?

The color green can induce a sense of peace, and rejuvenation and is also said to enhance creativity. What better way to stay grounded during a hectic workday, than by incorporating this refreshing shade into your everyday desk essentials?

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