All You Need to get Corporate

All You Need to get Corporate - SCOOBOO - -
All You Need to get Corporate - SCOOBOO - -
All You Need to get Corporate - SCOOBOO - -
All You Need to get Corporate - SCOOBOO - -
All You Need to get Corporate - SCOOBOO - -
All You Need to get Corporate - SCOOBOO - -
All You Need to get Corporate - SCOOBOO - -
All You Need to get Corporate - SCOOBOO - -

All You Need to get Corporate

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This Kit has all the basic essentials you will be needing to kick start your daily office days. The kit takes care of all the small and important items one needs on a day to day basis as a professional. This kit will help you from not forgetting what needs to be taken with you as it will contain everything you will be wanting in one place.

What's Inside the Box ?

Kaco Alio Business Folder

The ALIO Premium Business Folder is a stylish functional notebook that is ideal for corporations to meet their needs on different occasions, whether on traveling, business meetings or daily work. This product comes with an A5 size notebook. The notebook is protected by two sheets of black PVC cover (front and back) with wire binding. A high quality TUBE Gel Pen with 0.5mm black ink and a white plastic card holder with clip also included in this product.

Original MRP: 3200/-
MRP in the kit: 2720/-

Buy this separately: 2848/-
Klip Gel Pen

It is a product which is following international design thought, respecting the creative spirit and applying philosophy to technology, material and manufacturing. The manufacturers of the pen believe that details and the quality of the product can create a timeless classic product that can exist beyond changeable trends.

Original MRP: 999/-
MRP in the kit: 849.15/-

Buy this separately: 889.11/-
Deli Modern Compact Calculator

It is a desktop Promotional and general purpose calculator. Extra-large LCD display and tilted screen of Deli calculators provides easy and accurate screen reading. The calculator adopts scientific big button design in line with the use of human habits and is comfortable in touch. It performs common math as well as various financial functions, perfect for both adults and students.

Original MRP: 799/-
MRP in the kit: 679.15/-

Buy this separately: 679.15/-
Kaco Pure Gel Pens 0.7mm - Pack of 10

The Pen’s Ink feeds stably and comes out evenly. It has Fashionable colorful designs with ergonomic soft touch which will bring you a comfortable and good mood in your writing experience. The product is a best choice for making notes in class, making a to do list, creating gift cards, doodling, or coloring;suitable for kids and adults

Original MRP: 699/-
MRP in the kit: 594.15/-

Buy this separately: 622.11/-
Deli Essentials Rose Gold Edition Desk Accessories Set

The Item containsBinder Clips and Paper Clips are ideal for holding papers, notes, receipts, bookmarks, files, tickets, other small items etc. The paper clips Grip Paper Firmly and Eliminate Slippage. Count on Them to Help Organize Paperwork, Hang Posters and More. Push Pins or tacks are handy to pin important messages on bulletin / cork boards, travel journals, maps, foam boards, marking locations and more.

Original MRP: 199/-
MRP in the kit: 169.15/-

Buy this separately: 169.15/-
Kangaro Multipurpose gift set - SS 10H

The Stationery Set comes with a stapler, staple remover, a paper punch, staples and a tape dispenser. It is an attractive gift packing set, which is an easy storage option and can be useful for both office and home purposes.

Original MRP: 355/-
MRP in the kit: 301.75/-

Buy this separately: 315.95/-
Papercoal - Desk Mat

It is a minimal, smart-sized and reversible desk mat — made with vegan leather. The desk mat has a rich leather-like texture with two different tones on both sides. The desk mat can also take it all and cleans with a wipe and lastly it is designed to work everywhere & Rolls up for when you need it on the go. The desk mat is big enough to accommodate a laptop, monitor, and your gaming console yet slim enough to feel like a part of your desk.

Original MRP: 1995/-
MRP in the kit: 1695.75/-

Buy this separately: 1775.55/-

Why is this kit essential at the slashed prices?

What better than getting all the office essentials all at the same place and at such a low price. Nothing less than a celebration I presume. The kit contains all what you need and what you will ever need before and during your corporate life. It covers all your priorities and your needs perfectly.

Kit's MRP: 8246/-
Republic Day Price: 7009.1/-

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