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Baoke Brush up CS Gel Pen PC1924 0.5

Nib Size
Body Color: White
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Care Information

1. Always retract the pen when not using it.
2. Store the pens horizontally to keep pressure off of the tip and prevent leaking.
3. If your pen stops working, expose it to heat from a blow dryer for 8-10 seconds, scribbling intermittently.

Barcode: 6921738004310



  • Pressure Sensitivity: Sensitive to varying levels of pressure for precise control over line thickness and shading.
  • Resolution:High-resolution display for crisp and clear visuals, ensuring an accurate representation of the artwork.
  • Pen/Stylus Technology: Advanced pen technology for accuracy and responsiveness
  • High Precision Tip: Fine, high-precision tip for accurate and detailed drawing or writing
  • Ergonomic Design: Comfortable and ergonomic design for extended use without causing fatigue.


      • Brand: Baoke
      • Product type: Gel pen
      • Body Color: Multicolor
      • Nib size: 0.5mm
      • Ink colour: Black


      • Brand Name
      • Product Type
        Gel Pen

      Other Information

      Country of Origin: China
      Manufacturer: Guangdong Baoke Stationery Co. Ltd.,Qiaoxiayang, Xinhe Neighborhood Committee, Heping Town, Shantou, Guangdong, China
      Marketed & Imported By: Indo Future LLP, 36 Manas Nagar, Maholi Road, Mathura, UP- 281001
      Customer Care: Write to us on or call us on 1800-309-9696