Green On The Go

Green On The Go

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Stationery essentials in compact, portable designs so you are always well-prepared. These charming green products will add an instant touch of calmness and serenity to your workspace.

What's Inside the Box ?

Sun Star Mini Portable Scissors

Key ring style scissors with single-edged serrated blades for easy cutting of tags and frayed threads. The cap and lock keep the blades secure, and the compact design makes it easily portable.

Original MRP: 430/-
MRP in the kit: 365.5/-

Buy this separately: 430/-

Deli Macaron Adhesive Roller Stick Up

This non-toxic, low-odor acrylic glue tape is super durable. This compact glue tape is perfect for mess-free adhesion on paper and dries quickly.

Original MRP: 120/-
MRP in the kit: 102/-

Buy this separately: 102/-

Sun Star Match Mesh Pencil Case

A slim pencil case with an expandable capacity so you can keep all your essentials in one place. Find what you need quickly, with the clear mesh that allows you to see the contents inside.

Original MRP: 680/-
MRP in the kit: 578/-

Buy this separately: 680/-

Sun Star Double Color Sticky Notes

Dual-toned sticky notes that emphasize important text. They stick easily and can be removed easily to be re-positioned, without leaving behind any marks.

Original MRP: 350/-
MRP in the kit: 297.5/-

Buy this seperately: 350/-

Zebra Sarasa Clip 0.5mm Milk Series Gel Ink Pen

Zebra Sarasa Milk Series features softly colored opaque inks that show up well on light- and dark-colored papers, and can even be used on glossy photos! It also features water-based pigment gel ink that is vivid, smooth-flowing and delivers consistent, crisp lines.

Original MRP: 175/-
MRP in the kit: 148.75/-

Buy this separately: 150.5/-

Single Ruled Diary A5

Made with PU and International Quality Inner Paper, it is a diary that will last you a lifetime, making it perfect for journaling. The inside pages are single ruled so that you can do whatever you want with it without being restricted by design.

Original MRP: 355/-
MRP in the kit: 301.75/-

Buy this seperately: 315.95/-

What makes this kit essential for School?

The products in these kits cannot be found in any regular stationery store. Scooboo brings the best stationery from brands around the world, only for you. Using unique products which are also super innovative and comfortable is a great feeling which leaves you wanting for more. Thus, getting these staples at a great deal is an amazing opportunity to own some of the coolest, cutest stationery out there.

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