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Jovi  |  SKU: 70/6P-TGM

Jovi Plastilina Pastel Clay 50g 6 Pcs

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Care Information

1. Keep different colors of clay separate to prevent them from mixing unintentionally.
2. If your clay starts to dry out, you can add a small amount of water to it and knead it thoroughly to restore its moisture. Be cautious not to add too much water, as this can make the clay too soft and sticky.
3. Make sure your work surface is clean and free from dust or debris that could get mixed into the clay.



JOVI PLASTILINA is a vegetable-based modeling clay to play in fun colors, very moldable, suitable from 2 years old, gluten-free and never dries out.

Unlike mineral clay, it allows you to make figures with greater volume.

Plus you can play non-stop because it never dries out

It molds and demolds easily. Ideal for making figures in volume, its versatility also allows the use of molds and modelers as well as other painting techniques with PLASTICINE on paper.

  • Vegetable-based modeling clay
  • Vivid colors that can be mixed with each other
  • Necer dries, you can play all the times that you want without a break!
  • Free of the major allergens and gluten free
  • Safe for the children and with no toxicity risk


    • 100% vegetable-based
    • It never dries
    • Easy to clean
    • Gluten free
    • Malleable
    • 3D and flat shapes
    • Great plasticity
    • Colors can be mixed


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          Other Information

          Country of Origin: Spain
          Manufacturer: JOVI S.A., Av. Bizet, 39-41, Pol. Ind. Can Jardi, 08191 Rubí (España)
          Marketed & Imported By: Tejura Overseas Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., A-303, 3rd Floor, A Wing, Antophill Warehousing Complex, Wadala(E), Mumbai- 400037, Maharashtra, India
          Customer Care: Write to us on or call us on 1800-309-9696