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Prismacolor  |  SKU: SAN 24262

Prismacolor Premier Charcoal Set Pack Of 24

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Care Information

1. Store your charcoal pencils in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing them in extreme temperatures or direct sunlight, as this can affect the quality of the charcoal.
2. Use a good quality pencil sharpener designed for charcoal pencils.
3. Charcoal pencils can leave residue on your hands and work surface. Keep a soft cloth or tissue nearby to clean your hands and workspace as needed.

Barcode: 070735242624


  • Smooth, dark and artist-quality, the sketch and graphite pencils create intense marks ideal for drawing and underpainting layouts
  • Natural vine charcoal is meticulously selected for consistent, imperfection-free texture - creating dark, easily erasable marks. Compressed charcoal sticks lay down rich blacks that blend easily and adhere to most drawing surfaces
  • Clean, precise charcoal pencils are ideal for tightly rendered drawings requiring control and detail. Sepia and Sanguine pencils mark fine lines and help with highlighting
  • Steel sharpener and sanding board help you create the perfect point. The vinyl Magic Rub eraser is ideal for delicate surfaces. Kneaded rubber eraser moulds to exactly the shape you're erasing


  • Brand: Prismacolor
  • Product type: Charcoal Pencil
  •  Pack Of 24
  • Colour: Multicolour


  • Brand Name
  • Product Type
    Charcoal Pencil

Other Information

Country of Origin: Made In Japan
Marketed & Imported By:
Customer Care: Write to us on or call us on 1800-309-9696