When you are an art lover, you have a strong desire to create something. Keeping an Art Journal is one way to allow your creative juices to flow. It encourages you to be consistent and practice more, which improves your artistic abilities.


We believe that art is both our escape and our salvation. We lose ourselves in it, but we also find ourselves. However, it is not an easy task to use our minds to generate new ideas every day. This is where ART JOURNAL PROMPTS come in handy.


 Art Journal Prompts are words or phrases that inspire your creativity to create a work of art. These prompts present you with a theme or background and allow you to express your thoughts on it. So, if the prompt is New Beginning, you are free to create anything that means the same to you.

We've compiled a list of March 2022 prompts to inspire you to create and maintain your Art Journals.

  1. BreakTheBias- International Women’s Day
  2. Mandala Art
  3. Ebb & Flow
  4. In the Forest
  5. Act of God
  6. Geometrical Shapes
  7. Your Sky
  8. Escape
  9.  Radio
  10.  Feminine
  11. Pattern
  12. Broken
  13. Thunder
  14. Beverage
  15. Hands
  16. Home
  17. Childhood
  18. Heal
  19. Balance
  20. Black & White
  21. Umbrella
  22.  Newspaper
  23.  Map
  24.  Vintage
  25.  Wreck
  26.  Little
  27.  Earthy
  28.  Underwater
  29.  Fire
  30.  Wings

Start working on this month's layout in your Art Journal. These prompts will assist you in your decision-making process. Based on these prompts, you are free to create whatever you want. Allow us to see what these prompts elicited from you.

Upload an image of your Art Journal layout to Instagram and tag us @scooboo.in.

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