5 Habits To Make WFH Easier

Since March 2020, our work life has pretty much become the One Direction hiatus we never went back from. COVID-19 brought life to a pause and to survive we did the best we could. The lockdown paved way for the “Work from Home” culture to reach the masses.

For the first few months, people sure thought it was fun, waking up 15 minutes before work hours, not having to wear formals (wearing a shirt over your shorts or PJs for occasional meetings, SO IN FASHION, right ? *blink blink*) among many other perks. 

But, it is not as easy as it sounds. For starters, there are just so many distractions like TV, phones, kids, and of course the BED. The chaos happened when people couldn’t separate work from their personal life. When our bedrooms became our offices and our bed became our work desk, things were likely to go down. There was no room left for Personal space.

With this blog, we are hoping that you will find a Work from Home balance and it will improve your life. 

Here’s a list of 5 habits that will make WFH easier for you:

  • Have A Designated Work Space

    The comfort of your bed might be calling to you every second of the day but, having a designated workspace can do wonders for you. Invest in a comfortable work chair and desk for this will help you stay more on it than your bed. Once you do that, you’ll be taking the first step towards a balance WFH life. You could also get a desk lamp to illuminate your workspace if required.

  • Invest in Weekly Planners and Stationery

    Planning your week or the day prior can make WFH easier for you. It will help you stay focused on tasks at hand rather than wasting time on chores that you can do after work hours. Get yourself the appropriate stationery like Mixed colour index cards, Post-it sticky cube notes, re-usable white pad, highlighters, pens, pencils etc. 

  • Always Keep Your Desk Organized

    Organizers may not seem necessary to you but storing your pens, pencils, files, notepads, planner etc. in an organized manner will only make things more comfortable for you. You can choose different organizers for your desk like File organizers, folders, tidy desk organizers, Trio Expanding Cheque File, memo tray, pen stands etc. A neat and organized desk is more inviting.

  • Time Management

    Reaching out for your phone to check the time or calendar often leads to a wastage of time. And we all know what happens once you hold your phone. Time flies…  Having desk clocks and calendars can help you be more productive throughout the day. You will not reach out for your phone every now and then. Time management is a big issue while working from home. A thing as simple as this can improve time management for you.

  • Use Tools to Improve Your Posture

    Once again, this is a minor change in your WFH life but very predominant. It’s a step to cut those invisible strings your bed seems to pull you with. An entire day of working on a desk can be tedious thus, the more comfort you bring to the workspace, the easier it is for you to stay on it for a longer time. We all know a big part of adulting is random body aches, but this way you’ll probably keep some of them at bay.

  • So, just go ahead and include these habits in your daily WFH life. You’ll soon see the change in the quality of your work and your personal life.

    Do not forget to pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea to start your workday. And this goes without saying “Move and stretch every now and then”. We care about you.

    Happy working!

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