5 Ways To Spot A Stationery Lover

Do you love planners, coloured pens, highlighters, to-do lists, stick-it notes, and anything else that gives you the illusion that you are getting your life together? You, my friend, have been diagnosed with stationery addiction. For the therapy, we recommend buying coloured pens and stickers and working your way on your journal.

 It is easier to spot a stationery lover than you can imagine. All you have to do is pick up the signs. It is that person who sits next to you in class, making notes with different coloured pens. It is that friend of yours who uses flags on all his books. And it is the kid of your group who still uses kids stationery.

We have curated a list of 5 ways you can spot a stationery lover. Now go ahead, bust’em. 

  1.   They’d rather spend on stationery

    Spend Money on Stationery

    When it comes to money, you’d hear them repeatedly say that they are broke but they’ll often be found shopping for pens, highlighters, and expensive journals. When confronted about the same, they’ll tell you “I don’t really need new clothes. I’d rather spend the money on stationery.”

    They’ll also seem a little crazy to you whenever they come across any themed stationery. They are a kid at heart. Don’t you remember obsessing over your favourite cartoon character as a kid? You’d only get a Ben-10 or a Barbie or a Tom & Jerry school bag back then.


  1.   There’s nothing like too many notebooks


    A stationery lover’s room is filled with notebooks, journals, and diaries. They have a notebook for pretty much everything. Do I maintain a writing journal? Yes, I do. Doodling? Hell yeah!! Notebook for random thoughts? Sure. Do I use all my notebooks? No. Some are just too pretty to be ruined. But I own them. And it’s always better to be ready, just in case I need them. Also, they smell heavenly. Notebooks are to stationery lovers what Rain is to pluviophile.


  1.   They give the most beautifully wrapped gifts

    Gift Wraping

    Yes, you heard it. So, the next time a friend gives you a gift, look for pretty and different wrapping papers, handwritten letters in pretty envelopes, and cards decorated with stickers, tapes, and aesthetic journal sheets, you’ll find a stationery lover. There might also be the use of different colours and sketch pens. They own anything and everything related to gifting, writing, and drawing. They might even gift you their favourite stationery item. You have found yourself a keeper here. Keep them!!!

  1. The Lord of Organizers


    They own it all. Tape rolls, sheets full of stickers, glitters in every possible colour, coloured pens, paper clips, water brushes, they have stationery you didn’t even know existed. Correction tapes, glue tapes, tub sharpeners, blister sharpeners, mechanical pencils, etc. and to keep them all protected and settled, they own organizers. So, if your friend owns more organizers than they own wardrobe space, you have caught a stationery lover.

  1. Pens have a greater purpose

    Fountain Nib Pen

    We know they love and own a lot of pens. But, if you think that stationery lovers use their pens randomly, you are mistaken. They have a mental list consisting of tasks and pens to use for each and every task. You can not and must not ever question their principles. So if they are using their favourite pen to write you a letter, you have earned it. Don’t ruin it.


These are some obvious, and easy ways to spot a stationery lover and a hoarder. There’s one more tiny thing that can help you spot a stationery lover. They have a stationery wishlist and they take stationery as gifts. So, if you are that friend who gives stationery, We Love You. You are making the world a better place, already.

P.S Tips on how to handle a stationery lover when you are outdoors (say market or a mall)  – DO NOT LEAVE THEM ALONE else you won’t find them for hours. When you do find them eventually, they’ll be holding shopping bags full of stationery items. Or better just gift them some stationery. They’ll never leave you.

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