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You ask, "What is a Pencil Box?" A pencil box is, in fact, a case for your stationery items, including pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, etc., according to Wikipedia.

However, in my opinion, a pencil case serves the same purpose for students as a sword and shield do for warriors. The student or person who owns the pencil box has a very close bond with it and the items inside.

The pencil box was and still is a fashion statement that the person has used to flaunt to his or her acquaintances in addition to carrying the daily necessities stationery for a student.

It must be extremely exclusive and distinctive for the Pencil Box to become legendary for that particular student.

For the Pencil Box to become a student's personal mascot, it must be extremely unique and modernized—not just in terms of appearance but also in terms of the stationery it includes.


To make your pencil box dominate all other pencil cases in your schools and colleges, we've gathered below Scooboo's essential stationery:


Turbo Mechanical Pencil 0.5 Premium + Resin Leads



In contrast to mechanical pencils, which can be refilled and are strong enough to be used for many years, wooden pencils must be sharpened and will get shorter after reaching a point.

With Kaco Turbo Mechanical Pencils, it's simple to write swiftly, neatly, and with lines that are consistently wide without sharpening. Even for technical sketching, these high-end pencils can be used. The use of it for drawing in fine art is an additional benefit. It sports a fashionable pen body, an anti-slip pen grip, a push-and-retract mechanism, and other appealing features.


Serve Japan E-Bot Sharpener + Eraser Combo



The design of this robot is incredible. The item is extremely original and creative.

The performance of a sharpener and an eraser are both guaranteed with the Serve Japan E-dual Bot's functionality. The eraser will be clear of dust and traces. The sharpener works better than any other sharpener since it sharpens correctly and doesn't break leads. It also includes sturdy blades for long-term use.

Available colours for the Serve Japan E-Bot Sharpener + Eraser Combo include Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, and Orange.


Ruma Ruler and Bookmark



This item is a bookmark-style ruler made of aluminium. It has a distinctive bookmark clip at the tail made of multifunctional one-foot aluminium alloy material.

A portable and durable device, the Ruma Ruler & Bookmark. The scale is engraved using laser technology, which produces clear, legible, and more wear-resistant engraving.

It is smooth without hurting the hands and easy to touch, with rounded corners that have been carved and polished to a 15 cm scale.


Kaco 4 in 1 Module Gel Pen



The Japanese company Kaco 4 in 1 Module Gel Pen is made of plastic. In addition to a 0.5 mm lead pencil, it comes with three colored gel ink pens in red, black, and blue.

In the stationery sector, it is an extremely inventive and unique product. As they no longer need to carry three different pens with various colors of ink, it works great for kids at schools and colleges. It's not difficult to find refills.

Writing is made enjoyable throughout the entire process because to the delicate and gentle grip.


Kaco Cyber 16GB Pendrive + Pen



The most recent innovation in stationery products, this one is a deal-breaker. The device in question is, as the name suggests, a pen with a 16 GB USB 2.0 Pendrive attached to it as the pen's cap.

Anodized aluminium, the material chosen for the Kaco Cyber 16GB Pendrive + Pen, not only maintains the product's superior metallic appearance but also offers durability and the ideal amount of lightweight for its quality.

The pen, which has a 0.5mm black refill, has three colour options: golden, silver, and blue. It writes really smoothly.


Pure Macaron Highlighter - Five-colour Pack



These are pure highlighters that stand out for both their exceptional qualities and aesthetic appeal. The pastel colours of these highlighters are their finest feature.

It has an attractive pastel body made of fine plastic. These highlighters contain a fine fibre tip that is flexible and provides the user with the proper strokes when pressure is applied. When used with low gsm paper, the soft, light-colored pigments don't seep onto the back of the paper, making them the ideal match.

Last but not least, these highlighters have tightly sealed caps, which prevent the ink from easily evaporating.



Scooboo possesses each of the aforementioned needs. Visit www.scooboo.in, select the items you need for your pencil box by clicking on them, make a purchase online, and the package will quickly be delivered to your door.




Blog By: Rohan Paul

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