Back-to-school supplies 2022: 10 must-haves


As students prepare to return to school in the coming weeks, Scooboo has compiled a list of essential items they'll need.


Parents already have safety requirements like hand sanitizer, a face mask, and lice defense spray on the list, as well as school essentials like a water bottle and even a Bluey school bundle to help your little learner start the year in style.


Scooboo is here to take care of the rest. Be it Writing supplies, Art supplies or backpacks and folders.


Kalp Notebooks


What could be better than a simple notebook? You are correct! 

A quirk. A fantastic contrast to the craziness that surrounds us with technology. Oh, and oh! Nothing compares to the feel and smell of genuine paper.


These Kalp Notebooks are of exceptional quality at an affordable price!


Mechanical Pencils


Mechanical pencils are long-lasting, environmentally friendly pencils that resemble pens. Pen-pencils is another name for them. 

They have a plastic exterior with carbon lead strips that are pushed to the tip by pressing a button at the bottom. 

Unlike regular pencils, their length remains constant and the carbon lead within is replaceable. 

They're popular among kids because they last a long time and are simple to use.

Scooboo has a wide range of Mechanical Pencils for you to choose from such as:



Four in One Gel Pen


You're in for a tremendous treat if you like coloured gel pens. 

The Four in One Modular Gel Pen is a multi-colour pen with gel ink that is quite handy. Multi pens are useful since they allow you to quickly switch between colours with only a click.

 But what sets this pen apart is the ink, which is gel ink, a favourite among those who enjoy the velvety smoothness with which gel ink writes. 

The Kaco 4 in 1 Modular Gel Pens come in two different colours: white colour and black colour body. Each has a 0.5 mm tip for fine line writing.


Kangaro Desk Essentials


The Kangaro DE-Mini-10 Blue Desk Essential Set is a convenient way to meet your daily stationery needs.

1 Mini-10 Stapler, 1 DP-22 Paper Punch, 1 FL-1243 Tape Dispenser, scissors, and 1 No.10-1M Staples are included in the kit.

 Buy this product online today from Scooboo to improve the aesthetic of your desk with a bundle of handy basics.


Glue Tape


Glue quickly, neatly, and cleanly.

PLUS glue tape, unlike other adhesives, is pretty simple to use. The roller head provides a flawless finish throughout the application. 

The pen-style applicator is comfortable to hold in your hand. Ideal for gift wrapping, ribbons, die cuts, photo paste, and envelopes, among other things.

The tape is 12 metres in total length with a permanent adhesive. It has Extra-thin Width which is a one-of-a-kind feature. The Cutting that is free of debris Each application ends with a clean break.


Permanent Markers


Permanent markers are porous pens that can be used to write on a variety of surfaces, including glass, plastic, wood, metal, and stone. On some plastics, though, the impressions left by these pens aren't permanent.

Scooboo has a variety of permanent markers such as:





Pastels and crayons are a great way to keep your kids busy doing something constructive and artistic. All you'll need is a sheet of paper and a set of crayons. 

There are soft pastel crayons, wax crayons, and colour dense oil pastel crayons to choose from if you're wanting to buy pastel crayons. 

Soft pastel chalks with a powdery texture are available, allowing the artist to distribute or combine colour on paper.

We have different types of crayons available for you to choose from such as:



Art Supplies


Art supplies are a must-have. We have a variety of watercolours, drawing books and even artists' sketch pads and sheets that will suit any child or teen, regardless of age or creative aptitude. 


Here we have listed our favourite back to school art supplies(including some helpful products for both teachers and parents).

We hope you enjoy them!


Folders and Pencil Box


What are your children's plans for bringing their artwork home? Of course, you'll need folders. We've got it all. 

We have a wide range of styles and colours to pick such as an Expandable document case, a 2D-Ring With Stopper/ High quality 2 O ring mechanism, a Multi-Function Bag with Two Pockets and a Student Pencil Bag.


Daily Planners


Keeping track of sports games, pencilling in study time, and arranging appointments will become a vital life skill for any child to acquire as the school year progresses. 

Using a daily planner or a calendar, teach kids how to get and stay organised.



Allowing your children to manage their schedules will instil in them a feeling of responsibility and independence.




For children of all ages, the start of a new school year is both exhilarating and daunting. It's simple to alleviate their nervousness by getting them enthused about something as simple as school supplies. 


Provide them with a supply list, visit our online shop SCOOBOO. Allow them to look around and put items in their cart that they like.


Preparedness will help both you and your children, allowing you to avoid the stress of disorganization and enjoy the rest of the summer.


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