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We understand how difficult it may be to keep your child occupied throughout the summer when there is no school to keep them interested. What's a parent to do when his or her regular list of fun activities is exhausted?

Make the most of the long summer days by piquing your child's interest in painting. We've compiled a list of enjoyable things to do at home. 

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Take a look at the list of summer activities below and get started. Have fun crafting!


Paintings with Spray Guns



A languid summer afternoon is an ideal time for a sloppy outdoor art project. Your child will be interested long enough for you to unwind with a cool drink and a book.

Set up easels with watercolour paper in your yard. Fill several spray guns halfway with liquid watercolour and the rest with water.

Check if the watercolours are strong enough to show up on the paper when sprayed. Allow the kids to create their own spray gun watercolour masterpieces! 

They can construct various abstract artworks by experimenting with different colours, distances from the easel, and spraying techniques.

Move the easels out of the way after they're finished, and let the youngsters cool off in the sprinklers. If you don't have an easel, you can use a cardboard backdrop or pin the paper to a tree.


Masterpieces in Sidewalk Chalk



You could already have sidewalk chalk on your summer to-do list. Take it a step further by asking your older children to replicate their favorite work of art with chalk.

Have each of them look through art history books (available at the library) or the internet for a piece of well-known art that they admire. 

Print a copy of each child's favourite piece and let them replicate it on your driveway. This is a unique and entertaining method to learn about master's programmes.

Encourage kids to invite their friends over to help them develop a mini-gallery of master studies. 

Take a tour through the neighbourhood galleries with refreshments and drinks to show off their art.


Faces of Nature



Summer is known for its wonderful weather, which is one of the nicest aspects of the season. 

With this engaging nature art activity, you can help your kids discover the outdoors in a fresh way. 

To begin, take them on a treasure hunt for natural items such as leaves, sticks, fallen flower petals, and small stones.

Give them paper or cardstock after they've gathered a little bag of stuff and encourage them to make faces out of the natural items they've found.

Take a photo of the face and then have them produce as many various expressions. Your children will enjoy making eyes out of pebbles, noses out of leaves, and hair out of flowers. 

Print the pictures, then cut them out and glue them on popsicle sticks to make the project a step further. Your children will receive small puppets with which they can put on a show.


Art Camps During the Summer



If your child's artistic curiosity grows beyond what you can handle on your own, consider enrolling them in a summer art camp in your neighbourhood.

Summer art camps are usually week-long day camps that bring together youngsters of comparable ages to learn about art and produce enjoyable projects.

Painting and sketching, clay, pottery, and mixed media, are all represented in each session at these art camps.


Art Exhibitions



You may not want to commit to a week of art camp, but an evening art event suitable for your child's attention span or your family's schedule. 

Several art schools conduct programs for children or families on Friday nights. These gatherings are a terrific way to get out of the house and do some creative work.

Students can learn about various artists and techniques in a fun and loving setting once a week. 

Friday Night Events take place all year, but the summer is a fantastic time to check them out.


Lessons in Art



If you notice that your child's interest in painting has grown in recent months, a weekly art class could be just what they need to improve their talents and excite their interest. 

Weekly courses help children to have a deeper understanding of art history and techniques.

While also allowing them to meet other children their age who share their interests.


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