Best products available at Scooboo by the renowned brand: Stabilo

Stabilo is a well-known brand for providing users with the widest range of stationery products. The amazing quality, exclusive variety, and innovative designs have made their stationery products popular worldwide. Scooboo is an online platform that provides exclusive products manufactured by Stabilo. It has unique distribution permission for Stabilo's stationery products. 

In this article, you will get to know some of the best-in-class products manufactured by Stabilo, which are easily available at Scooboo. Keep on reading to know more! 

Innovative yet functional stationery manufactured by Stabilo is available at Scooboo! 

Stabilo offers a wide range of unique, innovative, yet functional stationery simultaneously. It is quite obvious to get confused about which one will be the perfect fit for you, and that is why the experts at Scooboo have listed some of the best-selling Stabilo Stationery: 

Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters

First on the list should be these amazing, cute, and aesthetic highlighters that will be a perfect addition to your stationery collection. These are available in both pastel and neon ranges. These come with dry-out-resistant water-based ink and provide users with a comfortable grip. The square-shaped body allows users to keep it on the desk carefree without worrying about unnecessary falling. The pastel range will be a fantastic substitute for your regular highlighters. 

STABILO Aquacolour Watercolour Pencil Set

It is one of the most innovative products manufactured by Stabilo. The vibrant colors and smooth finish make this product popular among amateur and professional artists. It offers a high level of blendability. It will enhance the look of your painting by giving it a realistic effect. It works well on both cold-pressed and rough-textured papers. 

Stabilo Woody 3-in-1 Pencil Set, 18-Color

It is an amazing three-in-one product that works as a colored pencil, watercolor, and wax crayon at the same time. All the colors are very much vibrant and can be easily blended, allowing artists to give they're drawing new shades of colors. It comes with extra thick leads, allowing artists to give proper shades to their drawings, making them look more real and attractive.

Stabilo Boss Mini Sweet Friends Highlighter

As the name implies, it is one of Stabilo's sweetest and cutest products. The design, concept, and applicability have made this product popular among children and adults. Make your children love studying or relive your childhood with this cute highlighter set! The wedge tip provides 2 line thicknesses, 2 and 5 mm, perfect for underlining and highlighting. 

Stabilo EasyBuddy Left-Handed Fountain Pen

Fountain pens are one of the oldest forms of writing instruments. But many lefty people face issues while writing with a fountain pen. Addressing this issue faced by individuals, Stabilo launched this amazing product specially designed for the use of left-handed individuals. It comes with a durable plastic casing that tapers into an iridium-tipped nib. It also provides a comfortable grip which prevents premature muscle fatigue.

Enhance your stationery collection with Scooboo!

Scooboo is an amazing platform providing users with the widest range of stationery items from renowned brands like Stabilo. The quick delivery system, fantastic customer service, and product variation has made Scooboo one of the highest-rated online platforms providing quality stationery! 



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