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Corporate Gifting: Gesture or Task?

Corporate Gifting: Gesture or Task? KACO SCOOBOO PERSONALISATION



How exciting is the time period from October till January. Isn’t it? Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year; these months are just bundle of joy and filled with excitement. Time goes by in fraction of seconds. So much happiness, family reunions and feasting. And, how can we forget gifts? Gifts we plan to bring smile on the faces of our dear ones.

But why do we forget the same emotion when we plan CORPORATE GIFTS?

Do you take it as a TASK or a genuine GESTURE?

If you take it as a task this isn’t for you to read, but if you believe in true gestures then go ahead give us one more minute of yours.

Before you start planning for corporate gifting, you need to understand who are you gifting? Employees? Business Partners? Or your Clients?

Often big success stories are written with a pen! Pen to write a plan, pen before a big contract or a pen before a big decision.. Let the pen they write success stories with be your gift to them! Check out our best range of Fountain pens that makes all your business partners remind of you (with a smile & pride).

Corporate Gifting: Gesture or Task? PERSONALISATION

And it cannot just be your business partners but your clients as well? Have you thought of anything yet? Let us take that burden off you. Let’s get creative; Let’s get thoughtful here Eh?! Check out our Business Collection you’ll know exactly what we are talking about.

Well, we covered mostly everything for corporate gifting. Aren’t we forgetting gifting someone really important? Someone that keeps the engine running for your business. Employees! Yes. We often keep trying hard to impress our clients and business partners forgetting it is our employees who have been our continuous support. A thoughtful gesture will only bring more value to your business. Check out some amazing stationery range they can decorate their desk with or amazing Vacuum mug they can make the best out of in this cold weather.

And you know you can always customize to give personal touch to it. All you have to do is mail us at info@scooboo.in We will be waiting for your gestures!

Are you still wondering if Corporate Gifting is a task or all about gesture? We hope not! :P


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