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7 Journaling Tips for Beginners

(+5 journaling prompts!)

There’s something relieving about pouring your heart out on paper! Regular journaling is a practice that you didn’t know you needed. It’s a stressbuster, sparks creativity, helps to be more mindful, etc. - the list goes on! So, whether you’re want to express yourself more, reflect on your life, be more consistent or simply want to fill those hoarded diaries, these journaling tips will help you get started AND keep going !

  • Set a realistic schedule

The first step to getting started with journaling is to set a schedule, a realistic one. Being consistent can be tough, but this happens when you follow the herd. Create a routine that works for you. Discover your own pace by journaling at different times of the day and days of the week. Set a schedule based on when you feel most inspired. And make sure to be considerate towards yourself and not burden yourself!
  • Be consistent

Honest talk! The struggle to maintain a journal past five days is real! Turning journaling into a habit asks for time and commitment. Setting realistic expectations for yourself is the keystone to being consistent. When you don’t feel like it, just get up and keep the streak going. As long as you push yourself enough to pick that pen up, it doesn’t matter whether you’re writing a single sentence or drawing doodles. Forget about being perfect. Just keep going!

  • Have a list of go-to prompts

There are times when we let the gloomy days get the better of us. We feel like a mess, uninspired and demotivated and not journaling seems like the perfect option. But getting clarity on days like these is the whole point of journaling! Make a list of journaling prompts or curate one to make sure that you’re unstoppable. Whether you’re overwhelmed or underwhelmed, these journaling prompts will not fail to wreck that creative block of yours. 


  • Little things that make me smile
  • If fear did not get in my way, I would…
  • A letter to myself in 10 years
  • If I could change one thing about myself, I would…
  • Things/ people that make me feel at home
  • Choose the right supplies

Sure, you can journal with just a pen and a notebook, but to truly fall in love with journaling, choose the right supplies. While looking at pens, pick the ones that are smudge-proof and waterproof, like the Pure Gel Pens by Kaco, so that your work can stand the test of time. Choose a high-quality notebook that has thick pages so that the ink doesn’t bleed through. Our recommendations, The Manifestation Notebook by XI Eleven or Kaco’s Memory Notebook.


  • Explore

Here is an important one- Never restrict yourself to writing only! Don’t think. Paint, scribble, spill coffee, stick flowers, pictures, and movie tickets, or wreck it! Go all out! One product that I swear by and recommend everyone to get is the Plus Japan Glue Tape. They make sticking souvenirs a hassle-free task because, unlike regular glue, they don’t need time to dry. Remember, as long as it feels right to you, go all out and crazy on your journal!


  • Be in the right environment

Create an environment that gets you going. For me, sitting on the terrace of my house as the sun is setting, with Ed Sheeran playing in the background, is the perfect environment. For you, it might be sitting in a busy café with the heavenly cup of coffee next to you or being wrapped in a blanket like a taco on your bed. Try different environments out and find which ones inspire you the most.

  • For your eyes only

Ultimately, journaling is a therapeutic, private experience. It is messy but beautiful. There are times when you write something so beautiful that you want others to read it. Then there are times when you write something so embarrassing that you almost tear the page. Regardless, remember that you are journaling for yourself. Never let the opinions of others influence your expression on pages.



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