Know Your Brushes!


It is said that paintbrushes are an artist’s best friend. The satisfaction of that first stroke when the paintbrush oh, so smoothly glides on the canvas is unmatched! But seeing so many kinds of brushes can be confusing and overwhelming sometimes. We’ve got your back though! Here’s a list of different kinds of brushes and what they’re used for!

  • Fan Brush

  • The bristles of this type of brush are evenly fanned out in a flat curve. They are ideal for blending and achieving special textures and patterns on a canvas. They are also used for painting trees, grass, branches, fur, clouds, etc. What makes them most loved is their ability to paint hair naturally- as you can paint numerous, single strands with just one stroke. 

  • Mop Brush

  • As the name suggests, a mop brush can ‘mop up’ and hold a significant amount of paint. They are ideal for making large washes and shading. The bristles are soft, making them perfect for blending. But make sure that the brush gently caresses the canvas to get the perfect blend!

  • Flat Brush

  • The flat brush is the most versatile yet consistent one out of all. The bristles form to look like a square and have medium to long length. The uses of a flat brush range from broad, bold strokes to thin brushstrokes and everything in between, offering control to the painter. 

  • Liner Brush

  • A Liner brush, also called a ‘rigger brush, is a fine, narrow brush. The bristles are long and come together to form a point. They are used for creating continuous fine lines and details, making them ideal for highlighting, lettering and outlining.

  • Round Brush

  • A round brush features long, closely packed bristles. They are used for delicate brushwork, filling and shaping, adding details, etc. They are adaptable and can be used according to the painter’s choice.

  • Spotter Brush

  • Spotter brushes are quite similar to round brushes, the only difference being the length of the bristles. Spotters have shorter bristles for less flexibility and better control.



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