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Discovering Nakabayashi: A New Horizon in Stationery for Scooboo Enthusiasts

In the world of stationery, where the charm of paper meets the precision of writing tools, there's always room for innovation and quality. Scooboo, a name synonymous with a passion for stationery, is proud to introduce a new brand that embodies these values – Nakabayashi. With a legacy that dates back to 1923, Nakabayashi has been a beacon of excellence in the Japanese stationery landscape, and now, it's time for stationery lovers around the globe to experience this storied brand.

The Legacy of Nakabayashi

Nakabayashi's journey began nearly a century ago, rooted in the art of book repair and magazine binding. Over the years, the brand has evolved, embracing the changes in the stationery industry while maintaining its commitment to quality. Today, Nakabayashi stands tall as a purveyor of fine stationery products, ranging from the innovative Taccia fountain pens to the Logical Prime notebooks, each designed with the user's experience in mind.

What Makes Nakabayashi Stand Out?

Scooboo's partnership with Nakabayashi brings forth a range of products that are not just tools but extensions of the user's creativity. Here's what makes Nakabayashi a brand to watch out for:

  • Fountain Pen-Friendly Paper: Nakabayashi's notebooks are renowned for their high-quality paper that is a joy for fountain pen users. The smooth texture and ink resistance ensure that every stroke of the pen is a delightful experience.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: In a world increasingly conscious of its ecological footprint, Nakabayashi offers environmentally safe options that don't compromise on quality. Their products are perfect for those who care for the planet as much as they care for their writing.
  • Minimalist Design: The brand's philosophy of 'simple and logical' resonates in every product. Nakabayashi's designs are sleek, functional, and devoid of unnecessary frills, making them a favorite among minimalists.
  • Innovative Tools: From the samurai sword-inspired Hikigiri scissors to the Capotto stackable organizers, Nakabayashi's products are a testament to their innovative spirit. Each item is crafted to enhance productivity and inspire creativity.

Embracing Nakabayashi at Scooboo

As Scooboo welcomes Nakabayashi into its family, stationery lovers can look forward to a curated selection of products that will elevate their writing and organizing game. Whether you're a professional artist, a diligent student, or a journaling enthusiast, Nakabayashi has something for everyone.


The addition of Nakabayashi to Scooboo's offerings is more than just an expansion of products; it's a celebration of the timeless love for stationery. It's an invitation to explore new possibilities, to write your own story, and to do so with tools that match your passion for perfection. So, dive into the world of Nakabayashi at Scooboo and discover the joy of writing anew.

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