Give your loved ones a set of pens for their next new journey

Every new year calls for resolutions, and for these, one has to write them down to keep them in mind throughout the year. Every new year's resolution begins with either weight loss or happiness. However, using human-made objects might also make you joyful. If you adore stationery, here is the place for you because these may be anything. Giving your loved ones a collection of pens may be the greatest idea because writing and taking notes become more appealing when you have attractive pens in your possession.

Different colored pens make it easier to color-code my schedule or my academic notes. This makes it simpler to identify key information in notes since it stands out to me in colored ink rather than having to sift through a wall of black text to find a certain topic. It's similar to placing sticky notes on key pages in a book to make it simpler to discover what you need.

Because of the closeness and physical proximity of the pen and paper, writing on paper with a pen tends to make you feel more connected to the written words. Additionally, you don't make typing mistakes that need you to restart every minute by pressing the wrong keys.

Scooboo is the greatest one-stop shop for you all; it offers a selection of stationery that includes the best pens, which add aesthetic quality and are, of course, appropriate as gifts.

1) Kaco Pure Gel Pens 0.7mm

  • Simply Special Edition
  • Stable and even ink feeds out.
  • Much more fluid
  • Blue and black ink
  • Ten pens in a set.
  • Type of nib: 0.7 MM

2) Kaco Pure Macaron Gel Pens

  • Stable and even ink feeds out.
  • Much more fluid
  • The color of the pen's body corresponds to its ink.

3) Kaco 4-in-1 Module Gel Pen

  • four-in-one multipurpose
  • imported in whole and produced in Japan
  • 3+1 multipurpose pen, mark anyway you want
  • Combining a gel pen and mechanical pencil in a useful way
  • Healthy and cozy pen grip with antibacterial coating
  • Simply press the core to swap.
  • Elastically press the large-mouth pen holder.
  • Refills accessible

4) Fizz multicolor Straight Liquid Roller Pens

  • Set of 5
  • red, blue, green, brown, and black
  • 0.5mm in size
  • Excellent content and fluid writing.
  • High capacity, security, and beauty.
  • Ideal for sports, the office, and travel.
  • as a wonderful present for friends, family, and coworkers.
  • distinctive fashion design. suitable weight to comfortably grasp in the hand for writing.
  • Enjoy hours of writing with little stress on your wrist or hand thanks to the ideal writing design.

5) Brio Fountain Pen Set

  • Elegant, basic design with a brass metal body texture. The weight of the pen allows for comfortable writing.
  • One unit includes a converter and the original packaging. Contains 2 new black ink cartridges.
  • The ideal gift packing is delicate and understated.
  • High-end Classic styling with a thick substance yet mild touch prevents writing fatigue over an extended period. You'll have excellent control over this pen.
  • Over time, it inevitably mixes usability, toughness, and dependability.
  • It only takes a glance to be drawn to this writing instrument. All of these qualities—nobility, simplicity, modernity, elegance, and refinement—represent the virtues that make up the "classic" of the soul that you want to be with you every day.
  • Brio tip, good for writing; smooth stroke.

Scooboo still has a lot in store for you, and the new year adds even more to the dish. Get a 10% discount on your first purchase in addition to many more offers and discounts.

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