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Going Professional with Art

Like others, your dream of being an artist will not be fulfilled easily. You can't flourish in any career overnight. If you are an amateur artist but feel you can opt for art as your profession, this combo is for you. Scooboo is a brand made to serve every individual with their choice of stationery from several brands. On this Black Friday sale hosted by Scooboo, grab your essentials under budget!! Now, let's look inside the amazing kit offered by Scooboo!! 

When you wish to advance to stage 2 of your watercolor journey, you can use this fantastic combo offered by Scooboo. For those artists who want to take it a step further, enter the world of art more professionally, and identify as artists, the package contains materials for them that are significantly more sophisticated and elegant.

Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour (Pack Of 21)

Cotman Watercolours are the best friends of every professional artist. The colors are easily blendable, allowing the artists to try new shades and give their art pieces a realistic effect! The vibrant colors make it easier for artists to bring versatility to their paintings. 

Brustro Artists Watercolours & Acrylics Miniature Brush Set of 12

If you are an artist who loves to work with intricate designs, this brush set is for you. The smooth and pointed brushes will help you to draw intricate designs easily and quickly without ruining your whole art piece. The products come in a brush holder to provide convenience to users! 

Brustro Artist Watercolour Pad Cold Pressed 300 Gsm

It is one of the most useful Watercolour drawing pads an artist can own. It is ideal for all fine art techniques. The high-quality cold-pressed pages and quality mould made with traditional white and without optical brighteners make it perfect for a professional artist. You may not be able to get this because of monetary issues, but don't let the chance of owning it at an affordable rate on this Black Friday sale. 

Scholar Watercolour Loose Sheets (Hot Pressed Paper)

It is not always possible for an artist to carry their drawing pads everywhere, which is when this product plays its role. These loose sheets are not ordinary; they bring out your colors more vividly and show the details in your artwork more beautifully. The smooth texture helps users to draw smoothly and beautifully. Make your art pieces look real with this amazing product! 

Are you planning to take your art to the next level and want to use your artistic skills professionally? This combo is for you. It is the most amazing combo one artist can ever own. Grab these fantastic products at an affordable rate with Scooboo's Black Friday Sale! You can get 10% off by using "SCOOBOO10" while checking out your favourites! 

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