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Scooboo is a customer-oriented brand known for providing users with the widest range of stationery products. The amazing collection, excellent customer services, and fastest delivery system are some of the appreciable features of Scooboo. Day by day, Scooboo is growing rapidly, and its collection has increased, which everyone loves. This article will discuss the newly added products to Scooboo’s collection. Keep reading to learn more!

What’s new?

Scooboo is popularly known for its amazing collection, and our team works hard to make the product collection more exciting and innovative. Recently we joined hands with Sun Star, a renowned brand known for manufacturing high-quality functional stationery products. Let’s look at some of the best products of Sun Star:

Sun Star Delde Pen Case

It is one of the highest-selling products on Scooboo’s website. It is a durable and kid’s safe pencil bag. This practical pencil holder is ideal as a present or for personal use. Never attempt to undo the stitching on the pencil holder. This simple, foldable pocket is easy to transport and transforms into a useful pen that stands right before you! Some of the major features include:

  • Brand Name: Sun Star
  • Type: Pen Case
  • Size: W130×H180×D58mm
  • Weight: 2.4 oz 
  • Capacity: can hold up to 35 pens
  • Use: Office, School, and Home

Sun Star Pen Case With Smartphone Stand

 It has a single-room design with plenty of storage space for stationery and pens (approximately 23 pens). Your smartphone may rest on the sloped surface of the case due to the front flap’s ability to fold down and the textured rubber lining’s ability to provide grip. It can be utilized for remote work, video dissemination, recording, device storage, and other things. Specifications include:

  • Brand Name: Sun Star
  • Type: Pen Case with stand
  • Size (W x H x D): 7.9 x 3.3 x 2.8 inches
  • Use: Office, School, and Home

Sun Star Stationery Silicon Pen Case

As the name implies, it is a pen case ideal for storing office supplies and other valuables. It can be used to provide birthday return gifts or other gifts. The pencil case cover is composed of robust, high-quality silicone that won’t easily shatter. Your pencil is shielded from dust and scrapes due to its soft construction, making it easier to keep it looking new. Specifications include:

  • Brand Name: Sun Star
  • Type: Silicon Pen Case
  • Size: 7.5 x 2.3 x 1.0 inches (190 x 59
  • Material: Silicone rubber
  • Use: Office, School, and Home

Sun Star Arkno Pencil Case

It comes with a large opening and an integrated magnet that makes opening and closing simple. It is a modern, multipurpose tray box. Children should utilize the pencil box at school. It is robust and simple to use. With the help of this stylish and sturdy pencil box, organize your office supplies. Some of the specifications include the following:

  • Brand Name: Sun Star
  • Type: Tray Pencil Case
  • Size: 7.1 x 1.4 x 3.0 inches (180 x 35 x 75 mm)
  • Weight: (100 g)
  • Use: Office, School, and Home

Sun Star Match Mesh Pencil Case

It is one of the most useful pen cases available on Scooboo’s website. It comes with an in-built pouch that can be separated from the main pen case and used as a slim pen pouch. It comes in various colour variants so that you can choose your favourite! Specifications include:

  • Brand Name: Sun Star
  •  Type: Pen Case
  • Size (W x H x D): 7.9 x 4.7 x 0.8 inches (200 x 120 x 20 mm)
  • Weight; 1.8 oz
  • Diameter: 0.5 inches (12 mm) Pen Capacity
  • Strap type: Strapless
  • Use: Office, School, and Home


Stationeries are an important element of our regular life and the best ones are available at Scooboo. In this article, we have mentioned some of the products which are the best sellers. If you are wondering where to buy these products, visit Scooboo’s official website. You can also download our application to get your hands on the best collection available in the market!

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