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Best Selling Sunstar Products

Being a stationery lover, it is quite obvious to get overwhelmed seeing so many products on Scooboo's website. But don't worry; we have got you covered. In this article, we will discuss some of the best-selling products manufactured by Sun Star, which you can get exclusively at Scooboo! Before discussing the products, let's know why you should choose Sun Star as your stationery supply partner!

Reasons to choose Sun Star as your stationery supplier company

Sun Star is a brand mainly known for manufacturing high-quality, affordable goods. With the help of Scooboo, they aim to provide all Indians with international quality products at an affordable price. Sun Star is all you need if you are looking for best-in-class premium quality products. Here are some of the reasons why you should Sun Star:

  • High-quality: You can get your hands on international quality products now in India easily with the launch of Sun Star at Scooboo! Sun Star got its recognition because of the amazing quality products they offer. 
  • Flexibility: Indian customers prefer flexible goods and services that blend into their routines. Sun Star meets this requirement by providing flexible products at an affordable rate. 
  • Collection: Sun Star is a one-stop solution for all users as it offers the widest range of products at an affordable rate. All the products are unique yet functional at the same time. You can get them exclusively at Scooboo!
  • Durability: If you are investing in some stationary, you want that to be durable enough for the longest time. Sun Star provides durable products that can be used in various ways. 
  • Cost-effective: Price is not an issue with Sun Star's product. They provide users with the widest range of products at different price levels. You can choose yours accordingly! 

Best Selling products manufactured by Sun Star at Scooboo! 

Sun Star offers a wide range of products that are innovative and functional at the same time. If you can't decide which one to get, we have compiled five best-selling products. 

Sun Star Kadomaru Pro Corner Cutter

The Sun-Star Kadomaru Pro Corner Cutter is mainly known for its durability and variety in usage. It is a tool designed to round the corners of paper or any gifting card or packaging. The most common uses of this product include origami, gift wrapping, etc. It comes with a slide-out waste compartment that catches the cut pieces, making it easy to clean up after use. Its unique features have made it popular among artists and origami experts. 

Sun Star Pen & Marker Ninipie

It is one of the most convenient products manuSun Star Pen & Marker Ninipiefactured by Sun Star. This product fulfils the requirement of two products, including a pen and markers. The multifunctional tip of this pen can be used as a marker and a writing pen. It comes with different coloured ink, which is vibrant and suitable for children. It is mainly used for daily writing, making scrapbooks, or designing gift cards. 

Sun Star Arkno Pencil Case

It is one of the most popular pencil cases manufactured by Sun Star. It is made durable to protect the inner content from damage. It is covered with a soft material from the inside to prevent scratches and damage to the inner content. It features a zippered closure that keeps everything secured inside. It is made keeping in mind the needs of users. It will be a perfect addition to your stationery collection! 

Sun Star Double Color Pens-Set Of 4

If you want a versatile option, this one will be perfect! It is a convenient and versatile option for anyone looking for a multifunctional pen. It offers amazing features, which include two colored tips making it easy for users to draw or decorate something. The ink is smooth and dries quickly, making it ideal for everyday use, note-taking, or journaling. 

Sun Star Sticky Stapler

It is one of the unique products manufactured by Sun Star. It is very convenient, making it a perfect substitution for traditional staplers. With this amazing product, Sun Star has made stapling easier and safer. It is also kid-friendly, but they need a bit of training. If you are looking for a unique alternative to traditional staplers, this one is perfect under budget! 



That's it! Here you have five of the most popular yet innovative products manufactured by Sun Star exclusively available at Scooboo. Enhance your stationery collection with innovative yet functional products manufactured by Sun Star, exclusively available at Scooboo! For more, you can visit our official website and choose from the vast collection we offer. 

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