How does Scooboo describe its "History Of Brands"?

The concept for "Scooboo" first emerged in 2016, driven by a love of creative and captivating stationery. While there are many stationery fans in India, it was discovered that very few were aware of the wide variety of imaginative yet useful stationery, art, and craft products available. To handpick some of the most cutting-edge stationery businesses, Scooboo traveled to major international stationery expos in Japan, Dubai, and Germany.

Scooboo is a stationery company that brings the most renowned stationery from all around the world to one location, providing originality to the Indian stationery industry. A unique range of goods from some of the most well-known companies in the market is available at the online store. The goal is to make customers' shopping experiences enjoyable by delivering everything they require right to their front door.

In terms of stationery, Scooboo offers several brands, some of which have a wide selection. These are a handful of the brands that Scooboo's sells.


Brands That Scooboo Offers 

1) Kaco

In Shanghai, KACO, a brand of high-end stationery, was established. A seasoned professional staff with years of expertise in the European market for high-end stationery supports the brand. They are now committed to implementing the global standard via a localized strategy.

The KACO product range is made with both office supplies and corporate presents in mind. High-end writing equipment, drinkware, and business storage bags are among the offered items. With the highest level of product quality, KACO aims to produce something unique and stylish. While maintaining our commitment to straightforward, environmentally responsible design. On-demand product customization services are offered.

2) Zebra

Zebra Co. Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan established Zebra Pen Corporation in August 1982 as a separate company that was 100% owned by that company. Mr. Ishikawa, the founder of Zebra Co. Ltd., sought a name for his firm that would be both unique and appropriate for their export operations abroad. He got an English-Japanese dictionary and began by reading the "Z" terms from the back, opening it in the Japanese manner. At "Zebra," he stopped.

This was a crucial quality since he aimed to create a company with a family-like atmosphere that included both its clients and staff. 

3) Plus Japan

The mission of Plus Company is to create products that provide clients with a new value, environmentally responsible products, and distinctive items with exceptional functioning and beautiful designs. The firm designs develop and produces a wide range of items, including home goods like the DECO RUSH series of decorating tape and the FIT CUT CURVE series of scissors as well as office supplies including correction tape, tape adhesive, scissors, staplers, and file holders. We were one of the first Japanese stationery firms to build a production facility in Vietnam when it comes to production.

Perhaps you're thinking just this? nonetheless, there is a lot you must wait for on Scooboo's website. Additionally, all orders typically take 4-5 working days to arrive at their destination, while they occasionally take longer.

As soon as your order ships, you will get an email and SMS with a tracking link. Please give the tracking link 24 hours to accurately reflect the shipment's status.

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