How To Use Scooboo To Gain Brownie Points In Your Class

In-depth, notebooks play a crucial role since we tend to believe that they establish a perception in front of our professors, but classrooms are also a place where we learn, meet friends, participate in activities, and build memories. Every notebook uses pens and pencils, but adding color will reflect the information in a new way. Subheadings can be highlighted, and keywords can be highlighted to provide more color. Sticky notes can also be used to highlight the keyword meanings.

Therefore, we offer the perfect present for you; Scooboo will always make the most of stationery. Here is a list of supplies that can help you make your notebook the best in the class and gain brownie points.

List Of Stationery Items That Will Earn Brownie Points In Class 

1) XI Eleven Transparent Sticky Notes

  • These sticky notes are different from the ones you typically use.
  • They are enjoyable to use and clear.
  • 50 sheets are in each.
  • Their waterproofness is the best feature.
  • Along with the sticky note, you also receive a complimentary Staedtler pen.
  • Please be aware that the pen in the photograph is different from the pen that comes with transparent notes.

2) Kaco Pure Assorted color Gel Pens

  • You are given a high-quality gel pen set together with a safe, non-toxic, lead-free, and acid-free soft rubber paint matte pen holder to further safeguard your health.
  • Longer writing sessions may be achieved with stylish, vibrant style, a gentle touch, and lightweight material. 
  • With the 0.5mm ultra-fine point, you may write with exquisite lines and have an unmatched writing experience. 
  • Enjoy the flow and pleasure of the ink on the page by taking your time.
  • Sticky notes or pages may be written on with great success. 
  • It may be used by kids, teens, and adults for daily writing, graffiti, painting, school projects, notes, decorations, handwritten invites, greeting cards, etc. It is the perfect option for both engineers and artists.

3) Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters

  • These highlighters fit into any pen case or pocket and have the same dry-out-resistant water-based ink as the renowned Stabilo Boss in a trim body design. 
  • They are portable and have recognizable square bodies that won't roll off your desk.
  • These pastel highlighters have ink that is subtly tinted; they are a nice change from the usual neon highlighters.

The list is not yet complete; this was only a hint of what Scooboo's official website has in store for you. Many more discounts are waiting for you, including 10% off your first buy!

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