Improve your mood with colorful stationeries from Scooboo!

Colors play an important role in everyone's life. Imagine if we still lived in the black-and-white era. Devastating right? The invention of colors strongly impacts people's lives, which is why colors are prioritized so much! In this article, get to know some of the products available at Scooboo that can help you improve your mood and motivate you to do things effectively with colors! 

Make your life colorful with Scooboo

Scooboo is a customer-oriented brand that deals with various kinds of premium quality products. Here are some products that can help you improve your lifestyle or daily routine with colors. Keep on reading to learn more! 

Pure Macaron Highlighter - Five-color Pack

This incredible set of colored gel pens must be at the top of the list. This product is one of the most popular ones on Scooboo's website because of the vibrant colors and easy ink flow it provides.

Some of the major features it includes are:

  • Available in pastels and classics
  • Flexible fiber tip that provides smooth strokes
  • Soft light colored pigments 
  • They are remarkable for their unique quality and appearance

Primo Triangular Colour Pens - Set Of 12

Primo's product is considered the most cost-effective yet fun item, especially for your child. The high-quality ink makes it suitable for child use. Some of the major features it includes are: 

  • Triangular in shape
  • Available in bright and vibrant colors
  • Have a unique ergonomic shape which helps even the youngest artists to draw easily.
  • Easy to use
  • Provides comfortable grip 

Stabilo Boss Mini Sweet Friends Highlighter

It is the most simple yet functional and colorful product to help you concentrate on work and studies. The amazing subtle yet vibrant colors are one of the most innovative features of this product. Major features include: 

  • Sweet Friends Edition
  • Fun to use for children's
  • The mini size provides a comfortable grip
  • It comes with anti-dry-out technology
  • Smooth flow of ink

Camlin Brush Pens

This product has the most unique and innovative colors, which will help you and your children become accustomed to new color palettes. The innovative features it offers are:

  • Provides Effect of Water Colour with Strokes of Pen
  • Water soluble ink 
  • Suitable for both amateur as well as professionals
  • Flexible brush tip for effortless painting
  • Applicable in Calligraphy 


Color is one of the most important considerations when creating spaces for adults and children. A person's mood, emotional stability, productivity, ability to learn, and behavior, as well as the overall aesthetic of a room, are all significantly influenced by color. In this article, we have mentioned some of the products in the huge collection that Scooboo offers. If you are looking for more products, visit Scooboo's official website!!

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